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  • Dragon Ball FighterZ - Discussão geral

    Launchers being cancelable into superdash means nothing because the opponent is no longer on top of you, it's a pretty bad option on block due to it being outclassed by actually continuing your pressure or doing a more tight frame trap, I don't see what the problem is.

    Incoming mixups don't exist due to assist crossup protection and having crossup protection in the air (Like Persona), so it would be better to just opt for a knockdown and run your thing. And dragon rush in general as a mixup tool is suspect due to how good fuzzy mash (Delayed mash) can be vs it, maybe if they make it so you actually have to tech it with M+H and not any button then it would be better, not like there's no options vs fuzzy mash but people that actually time it right and use it in the right situations will be a problem tbh

    Things like candy>lvl3 are strong because you lose half of your life for fucking up in neutral.

    Superdash in general is fine, it's a tool that's intended to be used to counter certain zoning tools but it's not strong, you definitely take a risk when you use it, it's a commitment, against people who are reckless yea, sure, it's godlike, but there's nothing wrong with blocking it, they aren't at an advantage, you're not hurt, you can reflect it, you can AA it with more than just 2H, making it unsafe on block would discourage the use of it and I doubt that's not their intention.
    You could always just get clipped by beam>beam assist>beam>vanish>40% for example just because you chose to superdash tbh

    Fireballs aren't bad for zoning, if you've got a beam assist then they can get clipped, they are pretty low commit as well, if you are a decent amount of distance away from your opponent then like, you could always just let go of S and block the superdash on reaction for example, or you could vanish on reaction and they'd get hit, not like the reward is great in that situation tho

    In regards to team order, it definitely matters unless you are playing a -well- rounded team, you wouldn't characters such as 18, Ult Gohan, Krillin, Beerus, and others anywhere but point due to their assists, you aren't forced to constantly switch your characters mid match either, sometimes you might not even have an opportunity to switch.
    Other examples of the fact that your team order matters is certain things like, would you rather rely on Goku with Vegeta assist with Vegeta anchor or Vegeta with Goku assist with Goku anchor? One has a beam assist the other doesn't, Vegeta's assist is great but it's not a beam, Vegeta himself doesn't have a beam so having a beam assist when using him would be much better than playing him anchor without one, and since Goku's got a beam, playing neutral with him alone isn't as much a struggle (Also depends on who you are fighting honestly but whatever).

    /Wall of text