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  • BUTTONCZECH - May 5-7, Praga, CZ

    É melhor que ganHes @obake .
  • King of Fighters XIV (PS4, 2016)

    Bom treino Alucard, deu para aprender coisas. Eu só posso a essa hora.
  • Podcast OP #016 vs Alvin - Parte da solução

    Eu e o @Garuda vimos o Preço Certo juntos e enquanto víamos esclarecemos umas coisas, tá tudo esclarecido agora e tá tudo bem... tirando o facto do raio da velha n ter ganho a montra final.
  • Street Fighter V: Vídeos e Técnica


    "Holy moley guys.....just discovered a load of broken sh*t in this game.

    So I was playing against Alex right and your not going believe this.... he jumped at me and I went to anti air him with C.HP but suddenly due to some voodoo magic bulls**t he was able to change his jump angle with some sort of Elbow dive which hit me and he could combo out of it, he did this without spending meter. I'll repeat this, he jumped at me and my anti air failed, my anti air did not work 100% of the time.

    But this madness wasn't a one off. I went to AA Necali yet he was able to do some sort of dive kick style move that made my AA whiff.....what insanity is that.

    Then Mika did this power bomb body press move that did the same......more nonsense that needs to be nerfed immediately.

    I had a perfect anti air lined up on Cammy when she jumped right but she did this flashing yellow dive kick that messed that up and I got hit and knocked down into pressure.

    I'm pretty sure I had a perfect AA lined up on Ken but he did this flashing yellow twirling kick with flames that hit me....how is this possible?

    There is rumors going around as well than Akuma has some sort of angle changing dive kick and hell even an air fireball that stuffs anti airs and air to airs, but that sounds so broken it couldn't possible be true!

    It seems to me if I can't 100% anti air an air move, there is something seriously wrong with the game or my opponents character. I just can't fathom a character being able to change direction in the air and evade anti airs, I mean why are they called anti air attacks if they don't work 101% of the time. Its clearly sorcery, an unholy antic conceived by devil worshipers.

    Anyway I'm sure as soon as Capcom realize these broken errors are in the game they will get a balance update out immediately."
  • King of Fighters XIV (PS4, 2016)

    Bons jogos KeeChak,foi bom voltar a jogar a isto passado quase 2 meses. :)

    Digos fui eu que te chamei morango na PSN ou não estavas na PS4 ou então já nem te lembras da conta que uso na PSN.
    N vi sry.