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    Gandas rumores de GGxSamSho e um novo GG dumbed down, mas fica a conspiração porque é giro ler. Obrigado pelo link Demihuman.

    Arc System Works is going to do a cross over with SNK: Baiken (Guilty Gear)
    and Hakumen (Blazblue) will be guest characters in SNK's new game: SAMURAI SPIRITS.
    As for SNK characters in Arc System Works Games: Nakoruru is going to be added to the new
    Guilty Gear game.

    I have Information on the new GG as well.
    The mechanics are removed entirely are Jump installs and R.I.S.C. Level.
    And the following are getting simplified: grabbing is a macro like in BlazBlue, Under Night etc
    Purple and Yellow Roman canceling are gone, there is only one version of it which is just called"Roman Cancel" now. You can dash block without the use of Faultless Defense.
    The game has 4 buttons: P, K, S and a sort of new button: The HS and D button have sort of been 'merged' (Called "Crush Attack"), it's similiar to Blazblue Cross Tag Battle's Clash Assaults:
    pressing the button results in a regular old Dust attack, pressing the button and inputting down will either be
    the characters former 2D or 2HS attack, depending on what the devs choose, it's different for everyone, the same goes for forward and back inputs and aerial.

    632146 motions have been replaced with a button combination: K + C (C = Crush Attack), the other.
    combinations being S + C for Grabs, P + K for Faultless Defense, S + K for Blitz.For Roman cancels you just press any 3 buttons and Instant Kills by pressing all buttons (It's left untouched).The game is said to have a noticeably bigger budget than GG Xrd thanks to earnings from DBFZ and BBTAG, Stylish mode has been made the "default" control scheme, but this time around it's the same as the traditional controlsbut with auto combos akin to DBFZ, basically, you can still do optimal combos even with this turned on, but you also get auto combos on every button, P and K do a basic string, S and C do combos that end in supers, provided you have meter.
    As for new characters, besides Nakoruru, newcomers are: Gabriel, Asuka R. Kreuz and Ariels.
    Returning are: A.B.A, Order Sol and Robo Ky.
    There's also going to be a season pass for 4 additional characters that are going to be
    released throughout the year, details are yet unknown but they're planning on adding 2 new characters and
    2 returning ones.

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    Olha um pouco de história. Mandaram-me um screenshot há pouco e é uma pérola.

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    O obake é um gajo porreiro.
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    WHAT. Já não percebo nada disto.
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    É, já não entendo esta timeline.