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Dragon Ball FighterZ - Discussão geral



  • Toma lá uns foguetinhos.
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    Pro tip: deixa estas fotos apenas aqui no PTF. Caso contrário o gaijedo vai ser afugentado
  • https://www.facebook.com/BandaiNamcoUS/posts/10155509237770629:0

    Inscricoes afinal comecam a 22 de agosto. Beta vai comecar algures entre 16-18 de setembro.
  • que desculpa tão esfarrapada...
    se há muita gente interessada e dessem acesso a pouca gente só ia aumentar ainda mais o interesse.
    cheira-me a delay por necessidade.
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    Para quem tem uma conta Psn japonesa pode-se já inscrever : http://tinyurl.com/y8m87zze

    Segundo o site do jogo em japonês, a beta é de 16 a 18 de Setembro e apenas pode ser jogada 3 horas por dia, em horas específicas. Suponho que por cá seja igual. http://dba.bn-ent.net/special/cbt/
  • obake said:

    cheira-me a delay por necessidade.

    Literalmente o que disseram.
  • Se isto fosse a capcom era so memes a voar de um lado para o outro.
  • Houve os memes dos Blazblues Europe releases e Xrd PC, mas depois redimiram
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    To be fair isto e o que confianca numa empresa e delivery dessa empresa quanto a promessas feitas faz quando tem imprevistos ou mas noticias como esta. People skip over it, porque e a excepcao, ao contrario da capcom, where people skip over the good things pq sao raras e a excepcao
  • Woah...
  • http://www.millenium.org/dbfz/fighter-z/actualites/dbfz-bugs-stream-et-playstation-plus-dbz-fighter-dragon-ball-fighter-z-ps4-playstation-plus-stream-bugs-158693

    Resumo, a beta não vai deixar fazer stream directo pela PS4 (com o botão de share) como foi com a demo do MvCI.
    No entanto, não vai ser preciso Plus para jogar a beta.
  • Aqueles traços da Heavy Day. Adoro!
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    "Dragon Ball FighterZ – the punchiest 2.5D fighting game by Arc System Works will showcase its spectacular fights with a new enhanced playable version and the first competitive tournament in the EMEA region on stage at the ESL Arena on Friday 25th August. More info will be shared in the upcoming weeks."

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    VA inglês sem querer disse que não gravou Super mas gravou vozes para o jogo. Não é oficial mas...

  • Eish, senzu bean assist confirmed, imagino q isso va ser annoying af :o
  • tem snapbacks este jogo? já não me lembro
  • Tem sim, confirmed, fazes depois de um launcher horizontal, já tivemos mais informações sobre isso mas não me lembro de tudo, só que depois de um launcher horizontal tens a opção de snap an assist in.
  • É o q o Blue disse e n custa meter.
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    Frieza combo: Cell combo:


    [spoiler] DBFZ Notes

    I'll refer to the button as
    S=Ki Special
    A=Assist 1/2
    directions = numpad

    The button layout could not be changed in this build:
    A B A+B A1
    S C S+C A2

    A+B = "Throw"
    S+C = Homing Dash

    Movement feels very good. Instant airdashing as well as super jump instant airdashing feels very responsive and easy to do. Reminded me personally of P4U2 type movement, though aerial turn is not in the game.
    Every Character so far only has 1 double jump and 1 airdash. The only exception being Golden Frieza who has 2 airdashes.
    Off the top of my head I can't remember if you can doublejump and airdash in 1 jump.
    You can also only Homing dash once per jump.

    You can sparkling blast in neutral on hit or on block but you can't sparkling blast on whiffed special moves.
    6B is an universal overhead that cannot be combo'd off of. They seem pretty slow with very obvious animations. If I'd had to guess I'd say they are around 26F startup. You have to use an assist to combo off them. (Vegeta's assist was the best at setting things like that up)

    There are several launches in the game.
    5C 2C as well as j.2C will launch the opponents either to the wall (5C) or upwards (2C & j2C). To chase them with a Homing dash you just tap C again during the special animation. During a combo you get access to one "Launch".

    Every characters 2B will sweep the opponents and put them airborne. Which means A>2B>5B (JC) jA jB j2C is a universal combo starter.

    I've found things like cancelling the jB into 236A with cell while calling an assist but couldn't test if you get a 2C on the ground off it.


    The combo system is chain based and I couldn't find any ground links. Not even on CH.

    The chain system is generally very free so that every character that I tried could choose to go from a standing button to a crouching button an vice versa (but only once, so 5A2A5A2A etc is not possible)

    Also normals can be cancelled into Homing dash on block and on hit.

    Homing dash is generally safe which means you can make your blockstring safe by cancelling into Homing dash.

    You can tag out by holding the Assist button or press 6+Assist (which can be very annoying if you're not used to)

    Hard tagging to another character performs a Homing dash that is very punishable on block.


    During blockstun you can press 6Assist to perform a cross counter / dead angle / VReversal. The assist button you use determines the character tagging in. I've not checked if the cross counter can be performed while your assist is X+ed out.

    You cannot call an assist while in blockstun.

    4+S will perform a swiping move that does not have a hitbox. Timing this move correctly will either deflect projectiles or push your opponent about 30% of the screen away. My 2A with vegeta got pushblocked once so it's not vulnerable to lows. They seem harder to "Parry"

    2C is a universal anti air with full air invincibility after startup. Those moves are usually very active and medium startup (10F-ish)

    Pushblocking a normal before they cancel into Homing dash will enable you to punish their Homing dash with 2C into a launch combo

    last general things.

    Every character died in 15 5Bs with cell and it looks like they have the same health values. It didn't look like that there is any GUTS system in this build.

    Also performing special moves with C consumes 1 meter to perform an enhanced version of it.

    You can call assists during special moves and "cinematic" animations

    Auto combos provide different normals and 5AAA is a univeral animated pseudo launch that would allow you to tag in your assist character and continue the combo (5AAA xx 6Assist)

    This one is going to be about random and not 100% explored things about characters. I might be wrong on some stuff so read this with care.

    Also there will be a new build at Gamescom on Aug. 22nd so all of his might change by then.


    I mainly played Cell/Frieza/Vegeta (Team DaiAndOh) in that order and tried a little bit of Gohan.

    Cell is an allrounder with a lot of strong normals (2A, 5B, 2B, 6C). @DaiAndOh1 made a basic overview of all the characters after Evo so I won't repeat that.

    His 236 special ends in an overhead and seemed safe. B and C versions launched on hit to follow up with a combo.
    Vegeta assist would allow a combo off A version

    Which led so something like this in the corner

    5B>5C link 2C 5C xx 236A call Vegeta
    That would allow a followup combo. (Probably 5BxxHoming) the problem was that cell loses his Launch for the rest of the combo

    Another unfinished combo was
    2C>5C JC jA jB xx air 236A call vegeta
    I figure this one out right before I had to leave so I couldn't figure out how to follow it up. Probably launch with 2C could work tho.

    Vegeta might be the Dr Doom of his build. Can combo multiple LVL3s has ammys cold star assist and is a fast character in general. His dhc super is super fast and I think you can aim it by holding up or down during it. His LVL3 can be *vanished* (B+C) on hit to followup with the throw.

    I've not messed around with vegeta that much. He was easy to pick up and understand but I didn't bother to explore him a lot.

    Frieza has the most broken assist in the game. He has an easy time comboing into his supers. Generally good and far teaching buttons but his C attacks were very unique. 5C shoots a projectile. His standard combos did high amounts of damage. 236S is a big fireball that traverses the screen on the ground and if it hits at close range hits twice and combos into his lvl 1.

    Gohan has a rekka with 236 on the ground and in the corner he can combo into 236B and follow that up with the throw.
    Goku can do the same with his 236 in the air

    Buu is interesting because of his 5B and his auto combo.

    His 5B is an overhead that you can combo off. And the second hit of his auto combo is a low that is only accessible with the auto combos.
    He basically has a ghetto 50/50 with 5AA (low) and 5AB(overhead).

    That's it for now.

    After this weekend I'm super excited for the game and the worries that I had with the game have literally vanished. I hope the build comes to more events and everyone can try the game.
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    1:16 :open_mouth:


  • Yo raw tag combos hype, let's go xD
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    Hmm, eles não tinham dito que não queriam várias versões da mesma char, ou estou a inventar?

    Curiosamente tenho mixed feelings quanto a isto. Presumo que vão diferir imenso dos Goku e Vegeta normais (imagino algo ao nível de ryu/e.ryu e akuma/oni excepto feito pela arksys ie even better) mas mesmo assim, estou 50/50, pelo menos até os ver em jogo. Aí provavelmente vou ficar hyped af.

    When's black.


    Aparentemente o C16 e a C18 também estão confirmados como chars jogáveis, scans soon.
  • "And V-Jump also reveals online party matches, which are three-versus-three online matches with different players controlling each character. Of course, characters will switch in real time."

    Apesar das dificuldades logísticas disto ser feito offline (six sticks connected to a single console), imaginem a loucura de 3v3 matches num torneio. Era bom.
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