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Boas, este post será para ensinar o principal sobre algumas personagens para quem quer aprender.

Este post vai sendo editado com informações minhas ou de quem quiser ajudar.

Por agora fica o vídeo da parte 1 do Cláudio, eu depois vou deixar aqui por escrito uma lista básica do que fiz nos vídeos, em que os golpes estão separados por categorias para terem sempre perto quando estão a treinar o principal.

A parte escrita é importante daí eu querer fazer algo que podem imprimir e ter ao pé para o treino! Fiquem atentos e coloquem as questões que quiserem.

Galinacio Italiano!


  • Para quando tutorial de Leo? Galileo
    E Kazumi
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    Aniki said:

    Para quando tutorial de Leo? Galileo
    E Kazumi

    Por acaso esses não conheço bem mas posso explorar na mesma, porque é bom para conhecimento.

    Próximos vídeos será a parte 2 do Cláudio é passo para o Miguel ;)

    Edit: nome do tópico dado que vou colocar mais de outros chars. Vou editando o primeiro post
  • Toturial da Kazumi:

    Ir a youtube > Escrever "Kazumi Knee" > Roubar (Ele usa 4 moves, são os bons).

    A boneca parece bué linear.

  • When's Jin :)
  • Aniki said:

    Para quando tutorial de Leo? Galileo
    E Kazumi

    Bem encontrei isto na net que pode ajudar. Está simples.

    General Playstyle

    Kazumi is an offensive poking character with a bevy of good pressure tools and some Mishima-esque tools
    Notable Players
    Alchemist aka 4LCH3M15T (Featured often on AUS events streamed by Blankaexx (YT))
    LowHigh (Twitch, Youtube?)
    Ulsan Highschool Student
    Go Attack
    Pros and Cons
    Pros : Good pokes, good pressure tools, overall great offense. She has a teleporting pet tiger.
    Cons : She lacks good, fast lows for pressure. Her launch punishment options could be better

    Key Moves
    1,1,2: Typical Mishima 1,1,2. Remember to always hit confirm because 1,1,2 is launch punishable on block.
    1+2: i12 KND move that's -14 on block so use it to punish and be careful if you use it elsewhere
    2+3: Call in the Tiger to create space. Ridiculous knockback but also ridiculously negative on block (-30) so be careful when using this
    4: High, Kazumi's "magic 4" (Counter Hit/CH 4) is very useful, because she gets a full combo from it
    f,f+4: Slow, but tends to catch buttons. Works as a decent whiff punish tool since it's safe on block
    f,f,F+2: Mid, -4 on block but has a ridiculous amount of pushback making it seem +
    u/f+4: Kazumi's hopkick (or hop knee). It has poor range but is still good for i15 punishment
    d/f+1: Mid, solid poking tool with good tracking.
    d/f+2: i18 launcher and powerful, but extremely punishable
    d+3: and d+4: Seeing as how Kazumi is kind of starved for lows, generic lows will have to do the trick
    d/b+4: Kazumi's go-to low. Deals good damage but it's slow
    d/b+3: Decent low poke that's +2 on hit.
    b+2: Mid homing move that's +12 on hit and just shy of being punishable by most of the cast on block (-9)
    WS+4,4: Great WS+4. It's also +13 on hit!
    FLY/RSS 4,2: Safe string out of stance that deals good damage and results in a knockdown. Just shy of being i10 punishable (-9)

    How to Fight
    For the most part, Step her to the right. Watch out for RSS 4,2
    Learn to step WR+2. It's a useful skill you can apply not just to Kazumi's WR+2 but to similar running moves as well
    Don't let Kazumi players get away with going into RSS from f+3. The only move you cannot interrupt is RSS 2, which is both high and -6 on block
    The only grab you really need to worry about is her 1+2 command grab
    Her grab out of RSS is extremely slow and telegraphed. Stuff or sidewalk it.
    Her 1,1,2 is -17 on block just like any other Mishima 1,1,2. If they aren't hit-confirming it, punish them for it
    Her d/f+1,2 is delayable much like Heihachi's but is not a natural combo (NC) if delayed. -13 or so on block
    Kazumi has an unbreakable grab out of her airborne stance, as well as other moves she can use to mix you up. Be careful.

    Somewhat busy and can't test your combos atm, bear with me.

    Typical Filler:
    f+3~F, RSS+2, b~f+2,1,4 S!, (dash), b~f+2,1,1+2
    d/f+1, d/f+1, b~f+2,1,4 S!, f+3~F, RSS+2
    f+3~F, RSS 2, d/f+1, b+2 S!, (dash) b~f+2,1,1+2

    d/f+2 3,1 S!, (dash) d/f+1, b~f+2,1,1+2 [61]
    d/f+2, f+3~F, RSS 2, (dash) df1, (dash) d/f+1, b+2 S!, f+3~F RSS 4,2
    CH 4 -> b+2 S! 3+4,2 df+1 b~f+2,1,1+2 [57]
    CH 4, b+2 S! SSR dash f3~F RSS+2 d/f+1 b~f+2,1,1+2 [61]

    1, d/f+1, 1+2

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