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ArcSys Meet -Reload- nº3

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Yes boys we back ! Desta vez não como os meets Reload mas sim como o Arc Sys Meet original.

À semelhança dos Arc Sys meets iniciais este irá ter torneios dos diversos jogos da Arc Sys (Guilty Gear e Blazblue para ser mais concreto) e desta vez irei tentar um cameo novo, it's MAHVEL !

Dia: 14 de Abril, sexta feira (é feriado it was the only day open)
Inicio: 11h
Local: TCG Empire
Morada: Avenida de Roma, 48B, Piso -2 Loja 9, 1700-348 Lisboa Lisboa (É exatamente no mesmo local que a spawn point antiga)

Fee base: 2€ com oferta de uma bebida à escolha do bar da loja, +2€ por cada torneio revertendo para o pote que irá para o vencedor de cada um dos torneios.

A ordem de jogos será: GG -> BB -> Marvel e as regras são as seguintes:

Até Semi finals BO3, dai em diante BO5. 99 seconds per round, eclipse colors are banned in GG, apenas quem perde pode mudar de char.

Até Semi finals BO3, dai em diante BO5. 99 seconds per round, Forbidden gate e BLUE stages banned, apenas quem perde pode mudar de char.

Até finals BO5, grand finals BO7 com uma regra para dar spice up nas coisas, Ratio system ! Mas ao contrario do normal neste torneio será legal jogar com ratio 10 teams e essa team pode ser mantida para todo o torneio (no "if you win you get -1 point on your team" memes.)
Ratio chart: http://i.imgur.com/7Rzkw2W.png

Para todos os jogos, pausas mid match dão auto round lose.

A pedido dos donos da loja vou fazer pre inscrições para ver se vale a pena termos a loja toda para nós:
GG: http://challonge.com/ASM3GG
BB http://challonge.com/ASM3BB
Marvel: http://challonge.com/ASM3UMVC3

Para material precisava de ajuda se possivel no seguinte:
1 PS4 com Marvel
Spliter de som para ser possivel ter som na stream, em fones e em colunas para quem está a ver
E obviamente a vossa presença : !

E não se preocupem, irão ter setups para casuals do vosso jogo o dia todo por isso se aparecerem cedinho podem jogar por exemplo, marvel o dia todo.

PS: See me in persona ;)


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    Registem-se, pra saber pra quantos é o espaço.

    GG: http://challonge.com/ASM3GG
    BB http://challonge.com/ASM3BB
    Marvel: http://challonge.com/ASM3UMVC3

    Register there ^^^^^^
  • Eu ainda tenho de ver se tenho alguma cena da faculdade aí, desde já confirma a minha PS4 com Marvel.
  • Up nisto, não se esqueçam peeps !
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    Stylish está banido? :euthinking:
  • Nepia :D Podes ir com o teu stylish susanoo para o torneio de BB seven <3
  • Damn, leste-me a mente!
  • Please ban stylish mode.
  • Garuda said:

    Please ban stylish mode.

    What reason is there to ban stylish? Why not ban taunting instead?
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    potemkin has a 1 button buster, 1 button flick.
    Leo can do H fireball with no charge. (and DP, but it has no inv)
    May can continuously run and spam her dolphins, as they are also only on 1 button.
    Venom has stinger aim and carcass raid in one button too, meaning he can run up and poke you into balls withoutneeding charge.

    These are the ones I can remember right now. It's stupid.
  • Garuda said:

    potemkin has a 1 button buster(...)

    that's nice man! assim já não dás 6P em pessoal stunned ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Garuda said:

    Please ban stylish mode.

    What reason is there to ban stylish? Why not ban taunting instead?
    Please Ban Memes Instead.
  • Kagura can do one button sonic boom but who they lose options and all of that shit
    kagura can do a one button 18f overhead even, netplay god
    He can even do these stupid flash kick loops that deal like, no dmg
    In GG stylish characters take 0.20 more dmg.

    Oh yea, did you know that Elphelt can loop unblocks, Zato has this grimy ass pressure/mixup game, Sin is braindead, Izayoi ruins the game, Rachel has this stupid mixup game with strong oki/neutral blah blah blah
    YRC lol

    I don't see those characters getting banned for having these stupid things which are actually problematic.
  • Brave, confirmei ontem o meu horário de Abril. Dia 14 trabalho... Infelizmente, não há mais nada a dizer a não ser: RIP. Não vou poder ir.
  • Estou sem coração arak :'(
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    In GG stylish characters take 0.20 more dmg.

    I don't see those characters getting banned for having these stupid things which are actually problematic.

    I guess you're still kinda new at fighting games if you'd rather come up with accounted-for balance decisions than see that if I can do run up dolphin with May, that FUNDAMENTALLY changes every possibility the character has. New combos arise because of it. new ways to pressure, new ways to consistently anti-air people.

    If potemkin has a 1 button buster and flick, you can actually OS a reversal pot buster the same way you'd "OS" a block with fuzzy guarding, or a jump with fuzzy jumping.
    If he has a 1button flick, he no longer needs to account for the wobbling of him doing the motion and factor it into his timing for the flick, not to mention it's now much easier to do it on reaction.

    If leo can do 1 button H Fireball, he now needs slightly less than half the time to put a multi-hit huge fireball on screen that allows him to quite easily approach, than he needs normally.

    I can go on about other characters, but here's the final thought: It's retarded.
    Stylish is a good tool to teach new players about the game, but the fact that characters are actually fundamentally different makes it the same as asking "Why aren't EX characters allowed in AC tournaments?????"
    Because their balance is unaccounted for. They are not balanced.
    Yes they take more damage, true. But so does chipp. Does having less health make Chipp bad? No, not really.
  • Stylish removes an aspect of player development out of the equation, the game is the same otherwise. It removes execution as a barrier to entry and gives you "free routes", they're usually not optimized and most of the time pretty basic.

    Why are things usually banned, usually because because to some degree they are unfair, right?
    akuma in sf2
    stages in sfv that don't let you see the ground
    unlimited mode in BB
    etc etc

    What is unfair about stylish mode other than the lack of an execution barrier?
    It doesn't really change the game, maybe for the person playing it? t's like riding a bike with training wheels.
    The opponent is going to deal with your ass the same way they'd deal with anyone else, it just makes it linear.

    Fundamentally changing the game, playing on pad can open up more options and take away other options compared to playing on stick, same with hitbox, changing things execution wise, or in other words:
    If you use something else then the game gets changed fundamentally since said thing you are using can open up new options or make you lose options.
    A good argument for this is the hitbox, things like doing 236236 consistently with just 2626, inputting it in a shorter amount of time in the process can fundamentally change aspects of what a player can do, and for a matter of fact you can already do that on a DS3/DS4.

    Changing your button layout and/or using macros can, in some cases, open up new options because they become less hard execution wise, so isn't it unfair for a guy to be playing on hitbox because they can do things that the opponent can't do? I believe this argument happened years ago and it ended in hitbox not being banned.

    Unaccounted for things, do they account for everything that they do? No.
    Do they only balance things based on the arcade version? Stick + more input delay compared to console? Not sure, but certain things like buffing Izayoi can be factored into this, she was already top tier in CP1.1, but not like many knew that, she was the best in the game in CPEX, more people were realizing that but whatever, they buffed her again in CF and she's still the best, maybe this means that playing her with less input delay and on pad can make it so you can use more of what she has? Did they account that into their balancing? Again, I'm not sure, but from the looks of it they didn't.

    Something like this can fundamentally make the console and arcade version different, I doubt they had these things accounted for. Another small example is like, Nu, her 4D used to be 24f, a full screen overhead basically, also nice for catching guys in the air upbacking/jumping out, they made it 27f, but why? It can still catch guys upbacking and it's 24f, not hard to block, well, maybe it is in the arcades, maybe they nerfed her because people were losing money because it's not an easy to react to with the extra delay.
    Seems kinda unfair to console players.

    Things like this is why a tier list from SKD and what he says can look like some other world shit for guys who suck off the japs.

    Regarding EX mode, it wasn't in arcades, same with kliff and justice, I think that influenced the decision of banning them more than them being unaccounted for, which can be said about many other things!

    But back to stylish, it's in the arcade, that means you can pay money to lab or play with them. How do you know that their balance isn't accounted for? They nerfed Stylish Kagura in CPEX, he had this command grab OS in CP1, if they were blocking you got a command grab, if not then he did something else, unaccounted for, lol
    Stylish is part of the game, if a top player (Kogatan) can run Stylish Kagura at KSB then it must because he's not broken idk

    This is all dumb, alot of things can fundamentally change the game, but the things are part of the game, you just have to find ways to use them if that makes any sense.
    You didn't work on the game so you don't know what was accounted for, maybe Elphelt meterless unblock loops weren't accounted for and they removed them for a reason, not like anyone banned them tho, lol
  • You bring up pretty fair points, especially Stylish being allowed in arcade competitively.

    However I still feel like these characters are vastly different and possibly even stronger if you put some time into them.
    Not only that, i also think it's sorta dumb that you'd have someone circumventing the execution requirement because they decided they don't want to put effort into the game.

    EX characters weren't not allowed -just- because they weren't in arcade. They were MUCH stronger versions of the main cast (Like Millia having Air Disc and Air Secret Garden, Jam having a fullscreen FRC'able beam projectile, and I-no looping otg STBT > 5K > HCL does not sound very fun, does it?), and wouldn't have been accepted, for the same reason that Akuma in ST wasn't, as you mentioned.

    I think there's also a very important distinction to be made between extra-game limitations (one of them being the controller you use) and in-game ones (the cast), and how different that is, but I don't feel like having it rn.
  • The only thing I can add regarding EX characters is uh, KOF, and how the EX characters in that game are legal, but like, afaik they were also in the arcade version, like KOFXIII, EX Iori wasn't banned even tho he's like, pretty stupid from what I know of.
    Also, some (Or most) GG EX characters were just different, like HOS and Sol, were they worse? I'm not sure because I'm not willing to put in work to find out what they can do besides that their non-EX counterpart can't.
    I could also just say they let characters like Eddie be played in AC, and Zappa in +R rock, Zappa even having an infinite if that matters. Oh yea, CP1.0 Kokonoe, CS Litchi/Valk/Bang.
    But then you could move to smash 4 and look at how the spanish banned bayonetta, lol

    Mostly just comes down to community wants I suppose. Which can also be the same case for stylsh

    I am sorry for these posts of mine being bigger than they need to be.
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    Ratio chart mudado depois de uma discussão entre o garuda e o beans.
  • Sorry for the delay.
    Results dos torneios:
    1st Place Gearuz (Hibiki)
    Guilty Gear
    1st Place Gearuz (Chipp)
    1st Place McBeans (Jill Spencer Arthur)
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