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  • Damn aquele vid do xiao hai contra o dakou... a nivel de gameplay o jogo parece Kof e interessante...
    Jumps parecem meio floaty mas de resto looking good...
    agora so falta tirarem os graficos do jogo e fazer so hitboxes que ao menos têm a desculpa de ser uma escolha estilistica xD
  • bonecos parecem de plástico :s
  • obake said:

    ken isn't looking so bad now...

  • Isto do KOF ser assim é tudo marketing para os clássicos PS2 na PS4 e futuramente PS1 também.
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    ^ inb4 novo avatar do garuda

  • V2V2
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    EDIT: Sorry já aqui estavam os vids
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    ^ inb4 novo avatar do garuda

    WOW! haha. Até tive dificuldade em escolher uma entre as duas.
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    ^ inb4 novo avatar do garuda

    Santa merda que eu demorei 5 segundos para perceber. Flawless.
  • Por acaso é curioso... Os detalhes do cabelo das personagens do tekken estão mais bem definidos lol
  • Se quiserem ter acesso rapido a new stuff acerca da Demo da PSX a conta de twitter tem estado a fazer upload de algumas cenas fun.

  • Kee, a implicar que nós somos bons o suficiente para querer jogar KoF. We're just here to troll the graphixxx.
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  • 3:27, trying to grab that ass. Ri-me.
  • King of Fighters XIV feels like a mix between '98, 2002 and XIII

    Game Mechanics

    As is usually the case in fighting games, an integral part of separating a sequel in a series is creating new mechanics. Romance points out the mechanics for XIV, and describes a little bit of what each one does.

    "The new Desperation moves, which are XIV's equivalent to KOF XIII's Neo Max moves, and Climax animations are pretty cool to watch, I like them. You can cancel special moves into Desperation moves." He continues on to list some other mechanics:

    • MAX Mode: Costs one bar, and allows for unlimited EX moves until "Max mode" is over. You must enter Max Mode in order to perform your Max Desperation move.

    • Rush Combo: Auto-mash combos that you can finish with super if you have enough meter. (I DON'T LIKE THIS AT ALL.)

    • Just Defense: Didn't find anything specific property yet, probably it is not finished, might be health back or less hit stun.

    • Wall bounces: Combo all the way to the corner after you hit your opponent with a CD hit.

    • Jumps: I noticed that KOF XIV still has its four jumps that make the franchise unique, but it has different angles and different timings.

    Pace and Feel

    Romance noted that the majority of movements and special moves were fairly similar to the previous KOF game, but that there were still enough nuances to give XIV a unique feel.

    "I found that walk speeds are a bit slower than in XIII, the run speed was similar, rolls are a bit longer (97 style.) I felt the back dashes were really similar to XIII, keeping the same low invincibility on the startup.

    One thing that caught my attention was the feel behind jumping. I wasn't too impressed by the jumps because they were more floaty compared to other KOF games. I hope/expect the work a bit more on that, or maybe is just a new fighting strategy, I don't know...

    I felt the movements/hits a bit too soft, the density is different than XIII, similar to 98. That is to say, there is less hit stun when you make contact with your opponent.

    I also noticed that some properties of some moves/Desperation moves are now different. As an example, Leona's V-Slasher not being invincible was a surprise to me since this has distinguished Leona for years."
  • Suposto leak do roster:
    China Team: 恶魇青年 (?), 糖葫芦 (Tung Fu Rue), 枕头少年 (?)
    Japan Team: 草蕹京 (Kyo Kusanagi), 二阶堂红丸 (Benimaru Nikaido), 大门五郎 (Goro Daimon)
    Fatal Fury Team: Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, 东丈 (Joe Higashi)
    Art of Fighting Team: 坂崎良 (Ryo Sakazaki), Robert Garcia, 坂崎百合 (Yuri Sakazaki)
    K’ Team: K’, Maxima, Kula Diamond
    Kim Team: 金家藩 (Kim Kaphwan), 他师父 (Kim’s Master), 他师母 (Kim’s Wife)
    Criminal Team: 犯人陈 (Prisoner Chang Koehan), 犯人蔡 (Prisoner Choi Bounge), 新人囚犯 (Newcomer Prisoner)
    Women Fighters Team: 不知火舞 (Mai Shiranui), King, Alice
    Ikari Team: Ralf Jones, Clark Still, Leona Heidern
    Psycho Soldier Team: Athena Asamiya, 椎拳崇 (Sie Kensou), 摸元斋 (Chin Gentsai)
    Yagami Team: 八神庵 (Iori Yagami), Mature, Vice
    Mexico Team: Ramon, Angel, Tizoc
    Palace Wan Team: 脸谱女 (Acting Mask Girl), 电属性少女歌手 (Teenage Girl Singer with Electric Element), 神秘兜帽男 (Mysterious Hooded Man)
    South Town Team: Geese Howard, Billy Kane, 营家新人 (?)
    South America Team: 巴西忍者 (Brazilian Ninja), 残障拳击手 (Handicap Boxer), 拉丁美女 (Pretty Latin Girl)
    Alternate World Team: 娜可露露 (Nakoruru), Love Heart, 龙娘 (Mui Mui)
    Mid-boss: 俄罗斯富豪 (Russian Billionaire)
    Final Boss: 人形态非人类物种 (Non-Human Species)

    "– Game is returning to its roots in terms of graphics with “sharp looks on the characters”"

    Estão a ir tão às "roots" que parece mesmo que foram feitas em 98.
  • Leak do ppl do Saturday Morning Scrubs a testar o Kof XIV

  • Segundo a pagina " Orochinagi" do facebook...
    555.jpg 58.9K
  • Aquela passagem das sprites do KOF13 para os modelos do KOF14 mata-me... É impressionante o quão fail isto está a ser...
  • entrevista a Mr.Oda (4Gamer).


    - The concept for KOF14's development is "The most easy to play KOF ever"
    - They want to make the game so that it plays naturally for fans of 98, 02, and 13 which were the most popular.
    - Since Producer Oda was in the FF/AOF dev team, he wasn't really involved with the KOF series up until now. This will be the first time that he's on a KOF project from its plot stages.
    - SNKP's been away from console development for quite some time now, so this will be the beginning for them to build up their 3D knowledge and skills
    - When asked "If KOF14 succeeds, could we be seeing the comeback of other franchises such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, or Samurai Showdown?", Oda replied "If everyone supports us, we might be able to bring things all the way there."
    - When asked about Trailers 1 and 2, Oda said the renderings were mostly the same but they changed the lightnings amongst other various tweaks. They want to continue improving the game's quality
    - As reported earlier, all 50 characters will be playable at launch. 16 teams (3 characters each) + 2 characters.
    - The game is roughly 70% done. They'll be starting to work on game balance.
    - The game is designed to play like KOF13 just during MAX mode where you can use EX moves and 3 levels of Supers that can be canceled in their order of hierarchy. With enough studying it's possible to juggle opponents like in 13.
    - For beginners, there's the automatic and simple "Rush Combo" system
    - The devs are still tweaking the game's Just Defense system through trial and error
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