RED BULL KUMITE - Paris, France - March 28

// RED BULL KUMITE - 1st ANNOUNCEMENT + REGISTRATION INFORMATION //<br /><br />The Red Bull Kumite, a unique ULTRA STREET FIGHTER IV tournament, will allow 16 of the best fighters from around the world to fight for the ultimate title, on march 28 in Paris at the Salle Wagram.<br />The guest players for this first Red Bull Kumite are:<br />1-BE.NEMO (JAPAN)<br />2-MD.LUFFY (FRANCE)<br />3-SNAKE EYEZ (USA)<br />4-BONCHAN (JAPAN)<br />5-RZR.FUUDO (JAPAN)<br />6-RZR.XIAN (SINGAPORE)<br />7-MCZ.TOKIDO (JAPAN)<br />8-???<br />9-???<br />10-???<br />11-???<br />12-???<br />13-???<br />14-???<br />15-Open Tournament Winner (1st)<br />16-Open Tournament Runner-up (2nd)<br /><br />This unique event is divided into 2 competitions :<br /><br />1) An open tournament (128 spots)<br />To gain access to one of the 2 free seats for the Red Bull Kumite, 128 Players will compete in a double elimination open tournament.<br />Tickets for this tournament will be sold exclusively through starting Friday 20th Feb. at 7pm (CET)<br />Each ticket will cost 20 Euros. Registration is limited to 1 Ticket / person.<br />Each ticket buyer will gain access to the open tournament as a player and get a unique player-package including exclusive gifts.<br />This tournament will take place at Salle Wagram, on 28 of march, starting at 8h30 am (CET).<br />Registered players will have to come and confirm their attendance between 8:30 and 10:00 (CET) at Salle Wagram, they will then gain access to the freeplay stations.<br />Registered players who didn’t validate their ticket before 10:00 am won’t be allowed to enter the open tournament & won't be refunded nor get the possibility to get their player-package.<br />Tickets are personal and can’t be transferred without prior confirmation from the organizers.<br />This same ticket will also allow every player to access the venue as an attendee. The top 2 finishing players of this open tournament will join the 14 invited players and gain access to the Red Bull Kumite's main event.<br />—<br />Program of the open tournament:<br />08h30 – 10h00 : Opening, registration of players, freeplay<br />10h00 – 14h00 : Double Elimination Open Tournament<br />—<br /><br />2) The Red Bull Kumite<br />As mentioned before: the Red Bull Kumite will pit 14 international guest players and the 2 best players of the open tournament against each other.<br />The tournament will be a double elimination bracket, without seeding and with a live draw to set-up the matches.<br />The Red Bull Kumite will take place at the Salle Wagram, on the 28 of march, starting at 2:30 pm (CET) (Doors opening 2 pm)<br />An attendee's ticket is mandatory to view this competition.<br />These tickets are free, and will be available at (sold as long as seats are available) to attend the event.<br /><br />---<br />Program of the Red Bull Kumite Tournament:<br />2:00 pm : Door opening<br />2:30 pm - 3:00 pm : Opening ceremony + Live draw<br />3:00 pm - 6:00 pm : TOP 16 > TOP 8<br />6:00 pm - 6:30 pm : Surprize!<br />6:30 pm - 8:30 pm : TOP 8 > TOP 4<br />8:30 pm - 9:30 pm : Concept match 6 vs 6 : Red Bull Kumite vs Best of Open Tournament<br />9:30 pm : 11:00 pm : TOP 4 > FINAL<br />11:30 pm : End of Red Bull Kumite<br />‪#‎RedBullKumite‬


  • Red Bull Kumite: Discover the complete line-up<br /><br />It's time to unveil the 14 guest players of the Red Bull Kumite!<br /><br /><br />14 of the best players in the world responded positively to their invitation to the first Red Bull Kumite. This world-class tournament will take place on March 28th 2015 at the Salle Wagram (in Paris, France).<br /><br />14 champions coming from 7 different nations will face-off to win the ultimate title during this unique tournament.<br /><br />But they will not be the only ones, as the two 2 finalists of the qualifier tournament that will take place the very morning will join them to build an unexpected Top 16.<br /><br />Scroll down to see the full list of the selected players!<br /><br /> <br /><br />MCZ.Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (JP)<br /><br />Daigo is most likely the most emblematic player in the history of Street Fighter. Multiple winner of the EVO championships, 2014 saw some of his poorest performances (defeats at both EVO and the Capcom Cup) but we also witnessed his utmost best at the Topanga League. Will the man that some consider the best player of all times be able to show his best level at this event?<br /> <br />MD.LOUFFY (FR)<br /><br />After a fantastic year 2014, the best French (and European) player in history, the last Street Fighter EVO winner will of course be there.<br /><br />As the absolute fan favorite, will the “PS1 controller Rose player” be once again able to surprise us? The pressure will weigh heavily on the shoulders of the Frenchman… But as you know, that never prevented him from winning!<br /><br />BE.NEMO (JP)<br /><br />Nemo is a jack of all trades, from Guilty Gear to Ultimate Marvel Versus Capcom 3 and the Street Fighter series, he is well known for is faultless skill and his sometimes unexpected characters.<br /><br />These days, Nemo is simply first on the Japanese Arcade Ranking ladder of Ultra Street Fighter IV, pushing Daigo to the third place… And he does it all with Rolento!<br /><br />For his first appearance in Europe for Ultra Street Fighter IV, Nemo may be the favorite to win this competition!<br /><br />BONCHAN (JP)<br /><br />Bonchan didn't forget his defeat against Luffy in grand finals of the 2014 EVO championships. The best Japanese Sagat was on top of the world, until that one-sided match last year.<br /><br />He has been training to take his revenge ever since and the Red Bull Kumite will be the opportunity to witness the return match we all waited one year for. To maybe, at long last, see the crowning ceremony of this exceptional player. <br /><br />MCZ.TOKIDO (JP)<br /><br />Tokido is a legendary player: he was already a superb player at most of Capcom's older fighters, and his star shone bright with The King Of Fighter XIII and of course the Street Fighter IV saga. Twice he took the championship belt at the World Game Cup series in Cannes. He's “at home” in France and hopes to take advantage of this opportunity to mark his grand return on top of the international rankings after a short bad patch after the launch of Ultra Street Fighter IV. <br />The “Rocky Balboa” of this competition is coming for the Golden Gloves!<br /><br />CNB.CHUCHU (BR)<br /><br />ChuChu was unknown to most of the international audience until his qualification for the Capcom Cup 2014. Even if he was eliminated early during this competition, the Brazilian champion is considered by many to be a real Street Fighter genius that could be really dangerous if he could learn to manage his stress. A challenger that will represent South America proudly and that shouldn't be underestimated.<br /><br />DIEMINION (US)<br /><br />For French players USA's own Dieminion is “nearly” French, after his several months prolonged stay in France last year, where he was able to train with our best players! <br />The best Guile/defense/zoning specialist in the world makes his grand-return to form with Ultra Street Fighter IV and hopes to prove that he hasn't lost his read & mastery of the game nor his legendary patience.<br /> <br />RZR.XIAN (SG)<br /><br />Xian is the EVO 2013 champion! People thought he was only strong thanks to his seldom seen Gen main, but this short-sightedness was not accounting for his adaptability: at the Capcom Cup 2014, he beat Valmaster out of the winner's bracket with his Poison before eliminating Daigo with… Dhalsim!<br /><br />The best player in Singapore is an exceptional champion that still has more surprises in store for us for this Red Bull Kumite, for sure.<br /><br />MCZ.MAGO (JP)<br /><br />Mago is known as one of Japan's Gods of 2D Fighting Games.<br /><br />As such, he won multiple Tougeki - Super Battle Opera titles (the prestigious Japanese tournament of the 90's & 00's). Ever since, he managed to stay at the highest level of the Street Fighter IV competitive world, but unfortunately without being able to win any major competition.<br /><br />Even so, some of the best players in the world consider him the “the greatest casuals player in the universe”. If Mago can play at his best level during this Red Bull Kumite, he'll be invincible!<br /><br />RZR.FUUDO (JP)<br /><br />Fuudo is a master of rigorous precision. The surprise champion of the 2011 EVO Championships, shown us since that his Fei Long had every tool to stay at the highest level in every international competition he entered.<br /><br />By multiplying the TOP 8 placings, he remains a feared adversary for his efficiency & strength of will. This competition might be the occasion for him to sit back down on the throne! <br /><br />Ryan Hart (UK)<br /><br />Ryan Hart is the globe-trotter of the fighting game tournament world.<br /><br />From Tekken to Virtua Fighter via Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, the British champion has been making a lot of noise in 2014 with his Sagat, by dominating the competition in multiple events… all around the world!<br /><br />His only problem? Luffy, again & again... But Ryan has more than “one character” in his tool-belt, and his capacity to surprise other competitors with a counter-pick is a real advantage in this tournament's best of 5 format!<br /><br />GL.VALMASTER (FR)<br /><br />Valmaster is THE French revelation of 2014. The one man that can stand up to Luffy, he was the talk of the town at the Capcom Cup, and is now considered one of the best Chun-Li players in the world. With his faultless execution & his outstanding pressing game, this competition is an opportunity to show everybody that he's here to stay.<br /><br />SNAKE EYEZ (US)<br /><br />The best Zangief player in the world has a name & he's called Snake Eyez! The US Player is a fan-favorite because he's a real “showman” with his tightrope walking actions and his incredible comebacks. TOP 8 finisher at the last EVO, he's especially feared by Luffy. For his first visit in France, he knows the bracket will make or break his tournament. If he is favored by lady fortune, he'll be unstoppable!<br /><br />INFILTRATION (KR)<br /><br />In 2012, Infiltration made his mark on history by winning the EVO championships & the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament, back to back.<br />Ever since, he remains one of the most feared players at international events, most notably because of his capacity to play multiple characters at a very high level.<br /><br />In 2015, he already left a bloody trail in Europe with a dominating win at Sonic Boom in Spain and a third place at the Cannes Winter Clash.<br />This time the best Decapre player in the world wants to show everyone that South Korea reigns supreme on the world of fighting games.<br /><br />If you bought a player's ticket for the Red Bull Kumite's qualifying tourney, you have a chance on 128 to join these players for an incredible tournament experience. <br /><br />In every other case, you can still pick a FREE (and mandatory) spectator's ticket here to witness what looks like the tournament of the year!<br /><br /><br />#RedBullKumite
  • // 3RD ANNOUNCEMENT : YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE !<br /><br />After a few cancellations, we will put on sale this Friday, March 20th at 9PM CET a very very limited amount of player tickets for the Red Bull Kumite Open Tournament ! Price will be 20 Euros / Ticket.<br />First come, first served ! <br />See you tomorrow on if you want to join more than a 100 of Ultra Street Fighter IV players !<br />#RedBullKumite
  • Here's a recap of the announcements of the last few days:<br />The official stream channels of the Red Bull Kumite will be available on Saturday March 28th 2015<br /><br />Brackets:<br />All the streams will be available in HD quality & completely FREE!<br />- 10AM CET: Open Tournament Qualifier for the last two spots (Stream only available in French).<br />- 2PM CET: Official start of the Red Bull Kumite!<br />The Stream will be available with commentary in 5 different languages: French, English, Japanese, Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese. (all with pro commentary teams)<br />‪#‎RedBullKumite‬<br /><br />//ANNOUNCEMENT 5:<br />Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike CONCEPT MATCH!<br />We know just how much you love 3.3, that's why we will offer you a treat as a side-act, an incredible match between: <br />- A French delegation (Otana / Niabanh / Nikola / Mymoza / BillyKane)<br />- A Japanese dream team lead by Kokujin (THE Dudley) and Nuki (the 5th God of Fighting Games) !<br />It will be broadcasted live on, as will be the entirety of the tournament!<br />An Incredible show is coming your way! Place your bets now!<br />#RedBullKumite<br /><br />//ANNOUNCEMENT 6:<br />These 2 pieces have been specially created for the winner of the Red Bull Kumite. There is only one copy of each one of them worldwide, hand made for both of them.<br />Who will bring these items back to his country ?<br /><br />#RedBullKumite
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