Airdash Academy

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<br /><br />What is Airdash Academy about?<br />The series is all about fundamental aspects and general understanding of how these types of games work, and some other technicalities that we think people should be aware of. Basically the lessons we learned from years of experience in these games will be explained as clearly as possible in a series of short videos.<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 01 - Starting Points: <br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 02 - Communication & Memorization:
<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 03 - Learning From Video Footage:
<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 04 - Chain Routes Part 1:
<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 05 - Chain Routes Part 2:
<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 06 - Movement Part 1:
<br /><br />Airdash Academy Episode: 07 - Movement Part 2:
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