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Looking for a place to play SF4 14 Dec - 22 Dec

Hey guys,<br /><br />My name is Mike "ChaozTheory" Stellingwerf, and I'm visiting Portugal in December (13 till 22)<br /><br />Im a Dutch SF4 player, and im visiting my gf, but since she also is busy studying i will have some spare time!<br /><br />ill be staying in Oliveira de Azemeis, which i believe is near Porto? <br />Anyway, i was wondering if there are any SF4 players near this area, and if they are willing to meet up and play some SF4!  ;D<br /><br />I only speak English, Dutch and German though, so i hope this wont become a problem.<br /><br />You can also add me on Facebook (Mike Stellingwerf) to speak to me.<br /><br />Greetings from Holland!<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />


  • Hey there,<br /><br />Im sure closer to the date we can setup up something for you so you can put up some matches while you have nothing to do here in porto, so remind me next month about the specific dates.<br /><br />Cheers!
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