Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R



    <br /><br /><br />Lista de mudanças do 1º Loketest (02/06/2012): <br /><br /><br />
    Overall changes:<br /><br />- Game engine now has 4 frames of inherent lag due to 720p output on modern arcade boards/consoles.<br />- Health bar is now green when full, and changes and stays at orange when you take any damage.<br />- Combo counter now shows which hit was techable for black beat combos.<br />- Stun/stagger meter added below the joystick waggling icon, shows how much stun is left.<br />- Slashback has longer hitstop (was 2F) which makes it more realistic to SB multi-hit moves (eg. Dark Angel).<br />- Slashback failure penalty changed - instead of being unable to block for 30F, guard guage increases instead.<br />- Doing an IB in the air causes a "Guard Clean" (?)<br /><br /><br />A.B,A:<br /><br />- Goku Moroha mode: damage up, damage penalty from hits landed reduced, longer duration, more powerful overall.<br />- 236D FB fireball in Moroha or Goku Moroha: more hits, travel distance increased.<br />- 5H now gatlings to 2H.<br />- 5H now vacuums in on second hit, has slower startup, cannot be comboed from far 5S.<br />- Moroha mode gauge moved to be above tension gauge.<br />- Now has 4 bloodpacks, up from 3.<br />- Can't do double Keygrab anymore.<br /><br /><br />Anji Mito:<br /><br />- 6HS: FRC changed to be just before the move hits.<br />- FB On (623D): New FB, FRC possible right after the move hits, not possible to combo after (yet).<br />- 2H, 6H new gatling, combos on crouching hit only.<br />- 6H is now special cancellable.<br />- FB Butterfly (236D) travels farther.<br />- K Stomp (214K) causes a smaller ground bounce.<br />- Fuujin (236S/H) has shorter untechable time.<br />- 3S cancel is easier.<br />- Close 5S increases the guard gauge more.<br />- 3K no longer floats opponent.<br /><br /><br />Axl:<br /><br />- P, 2P, 6K, 2S, 2HS, jump 6P, jump S: you now hold the button to get the 2nd hit of each move.<br />- Raieisageki (63214H): FRC removed.<br />- FB Kyokusageki added, 4 (charge) 6 D, has vacuum effect. Combos after 5H, but not after 2D.<br />- 5P-6K is now possible as a gatling.<br />- Axl Bomber no longer hits overhead.<br />- 623P counter on CH causes a different wall bounce.<br />- Rensengeki followup upwards (charge 4, 6S, then up) hitbox modified, can combo from CH trades.<br />- Close 5S looks different.<br /><br /><br />Baiken:<br /><br />- Youshijin: new command is 623P, not possible as guard cancel anymore but only as a normal special move.<br />- Zakuro: Return of the "wheel counter" from GGX / EX mode, command is 214P while guarding. Seems very fast, but not possible to combo afterwards.<br />- Suzuran (run): now possible to do guard cancels during the last part of the animation. Recovery time seems longer.<br />- Tatami (236K): hits twice, knockdown on second hit. Wall bounce on first hit.<br />- Air Tatami (j.236K): Hits twice; if you hit with it below the opponent, 2nd hit whiffs and you can continue to combo. Knocks down in a down-forward direction unless wall is close, then it wallbounces.<br />- j.D FRC has changed.<br /><br /><br />Bridget:<br /><br />- 6K: now possible to cancel on hit into yoyo or any special move.<br />- FB Roger Rush (236D): is now homing towards the enemy, causes wall stick.<br /><br /><br />Chipp Zanuff:<br /><br />- FB Alpha Blade: New FB, command is D at the end of 236P (similar to Alpha Plus), causes wall stick.<br />- FB Beta Blade: New FB, command is 623D, does two uppercuts: first one does 1 hit, second one does 3 hits.<br />- FB Gamma Blade (41236D): new FB, holds opponent longer than normal Gamma Blade.<br /><br /><br />Dizzy:<br /><br />- New FB version of Spear (421D), 3 homing blades.<br />- K fish and followup bites 3 times.<br />- Fish laser (214S) causes wall stick.<br />- Text above tension bar (BIT NG) indicates if it's not possible to summon fish.<br /><br /><br />Eddie:<br /><br />- FB Exhaustion (236D): Possible to recover eddie gauge over the normal limit with this move, command changed to 214D. Adds another full Eddie gauge, ~46 frames total. Only recovers gauge if the shadow gauge is onscreen. Is cancellable.<br />- Executor (first hit) causes extra long knockdown state.<br />- Shadow gauge moved above tension bar.<br />- Shadow gauge seems to remain on screen, even when full, for some time. First level of bar is blue, second level (when charged with FB EXhaustion) is purple.<br />- FB Drill Special (22D) has longer recovery; cannot combo 5P after -D- + 22D unblockable.<br />- Nobiru (Shadow S) no longer hits sliding opponents, possible hitbox change.<br />- Damned Fang (623S command throw): Possible FRC removal or timing change.<br />- Shadow gauge refill is slower, both on unsummon and if shadow is hit.<br />- Unblockables still work as usual.<br />- 6P and Shadow Gallery nerfed (?)<br /><br /><br />Faust:<br /><br />- FB door added, D after 214K.<br />- New thrown items: konbu (eatable, recovers HP) and dumbbell (high stun, causes knockdown).<br />- Coin item can now hit while bouncing on the ground.<br />- 5K CH doesn't knock the enemy away anymore.<br />- Pan item now hits 1 screen away.<br /><br /><br />I-No:<br /><br />- FB Note (214D): New FB, FRC possible right after startup, sends 2 notes (one up, one across).<br />- Can now airdash twice.<br />- Horizontal Chemical Love causes wall bounce.<br /><br /><br />Jam:<br /><br />- Can do the powered up versions of kick specials directly (using D) if you have the power up cards, no need to perform as followups anymore.<br />- FB Charge (22D): Now gives one card of each.<br />- 6H no longer wall sticks, causes knockdown instead.<br />- FB Puffball no longer wall sticks, causes knockdown instead. Possibly slower startup.<br /><br /><br />Johnny:<br /><br />- Coin (214H): New move, coin is thrown upwards with same trajectory as ground throw. Is not an overhead. Causes knockdown on air hit.<br />- j.236236H: New overdrive, looks similar to EX Johnny's.<br />- Divine Transport (623S) trajectory changed.<br />- Diving Blade changed(?).<br />- Mist (214P) is released quicker.<br />- Can double jump after a super jump (?).<br /><br /><br />Justice:<br /><br />- Is intended to be balanced / tourney legal.<br />- Is no longer able to ground dash, triple jump, or triple airdash.<br />- N.B. (missiles): command changed from 421 + button to 22 + button, added P, K and D version, possible to roman cancel each of them.<br />- Detonation of N.B.: command changed from P to whatever button you used to trigger the move.<br />- Strike Back Tail: command changed from 412K to 623K.<br />- Michael Blade (41236H): S version added, now possible airborne.<br />- Gamma ray: FRC added, timing is right after the first hit.<br />- Forcebreak 236D now causes wall bounce instead of wall stick.<br />- Valkyrie Arc (236P, counter stance) doesn't work on lows.<br /><br /><br />Kliff Undersn:<br /><br />- Is intended to be balanced / tourney legal.<br />- Sword vault (214K): FRC now possible just before the move hits.<br />- Dodge (214P): has new FB D followup, instant stun, Kliff has long 'coughing' recovery animation.<br />- 5K: Now launches.<br />- 2H: Now ground bounces, now gatlings to 5H.<br />- 6H can now be charged, does more damage. Special/super cancel removed.<br />- Reflex Roar (236236S): Now causes wall stick instead of wall bounce.<br /><br /><br />Ky Kiske:<br /><br />- New move 3HS: Same as the old 6H pre-AC.<br />- New move, S raging Javelin: New S followup after vapor thrust, causes wall stick.<br />- Lightning (222HS): FRC now possible just after the move hits.<br />- FB Greed Sever (214D): new FB, 28 frame startup, causes ground bounce.<br />- Lightning Sphere 214D followup after charged stun edge: command changed to 4D after CSE.<br />- Charge Drive (236D~214D~46D) now wall sticks.<br />- FB Lightning Orb (236D~D) sucks opponent down more when it hits an aerial opponent.<br /><br /><br />May:<br /><br />- 41236D: New FB version of dolphin summon, appears behind opponent.<br />- Now possible to followup vertical and horizontal dolphin with Restive Rolling (623S and 623H).<br />- Dolphin level for 41236+ button appears above tension gauge.<br />- Overhead Kiss (63214K command grab): Startup: 5F -> ~30F, May now runs forward during startup, looks the same as running animation.<br />- Close 5S, 5H gatling on airborne opponent no longer works.<br /><br /><br />Millia Rage:<br /><br />- New j.2H: return of the old jump H from pre-Slash. Is harder to combo into.<br />- j.236D: FRC point added ~8-9F after input.<br />- FB Secret Garden: New FB, command is 214D, ~76F total recovery.<br />- FB Longinus (214S~D): now causes wall stick instead of sliding.<br />- Harder to combo after throws.<br />- j.K-j.D no longer combos, possibly due to slower j.D.<br />- FB Disc (236D) has longer recovery, disc now disappears if Millia is hit during the move (previously only disappeared if she was hit within first 3F).<br />- j.D causes ground slide if they touch the ground (?), previously caused slide only on CH.<br />- Additional time added before you can retrieve Pin (j.214S/H).<br /><br /><br />Order Sol:<br /><br />- Charge gauge: When using a move the gauge depletes slower.<br />- Dragon Install Sakkai (632146S): Tension cost became 50% instead of 100%.<br />- Lvl 2 Blockhead Buster (236P) now causes wall stick instead of stagger.<br />- Lvl 2 Bandit Revolver (236K) now causes sliding instead of knockdown, has longer startup.<br />- Air Lvl 2 Bandit Revolver (j.236K) untechable time decreased, no longer knocks down after air combos.<br />- Lvl 2 Rock It doesn't cause ground bounce, knocks down now.<br />- Lvl 1 and Lvl 3 specials are still the same.<br />- 2D apparently has shorter range.<br />- Can (still) dodge Slide Head with FD.<br /><br /><br />Potemkin:<br /><br />- Slide Head: FRC added right after the earthquake comes out, possible to combo after.<br />- Slide head causes groundbounce instead of knockdown, enemy enters normal OTG state after, full combos no longer possible unless you FRC.<br />- Hammerfall (Charge 4,6 S(?)): FRC timing is later.<br />- FB Judge Gauntlet (63214D): P followup added, cancels the animation of judge gauntlet.<br />- 6H causes wall bounce.<br />- j.S causes knockdown on air CH, otherwise knocks down.<br />- Megafist (236P, 214P) causes knock down.<br /><br /><br />Robo-Ky:<br /><br />- 623H: Now possible airborne, FRC possible just as the ground version.<br />- 2H missile: Now comes back down towards opponent after a while.<br />- 2S: Hits twice and launches when heat gauge is over 80%.<br />- Currently has a bug that crashes the game if you do 2H missile the moment he overheats.<br /><br /><br />Slayer:<br /><br />- Undertow: FRC added right before hit and causes ground bounce.<br />- Bite: command changed from 63214H to 632146H.<br />- New move, HS Dandy step (214H), Is like S Dandy Step but goes farther (about 2/3 of screen).<br />- New move, FB Dandy step (214D).<br />- 5H causes sliding now instead of stagger, still possible to do 5H into Pile Bunker.<br />- 2H now causes stagger now instead of launch, still combos into BBU.<br />- 2S has faster startup.<br />- 2D has a little more recovery.<br /><br /><br />Sol Badguy:<br /><br />- Fafnir (41236H): return of the old tensionless fafnir, possible to special cancel into. Combos from far S CH, 5H, and 2D. Does not have the old FRC timing.<br />- FB Fafnir (41236D): possible to special cancel into, combos from 2D, causes sliding on Clean Hit.<br />- Tyrant Rave (fafnir followup after H or D fafnir): command changed to 64D from 46D.<br />- FB Sidewinder (j.236D): New move, always has Clean Hit property. Seems to have a really good hitbox.<br />- Bandit Bringer: Clean hit property added.<br />- 214K (airborne) during Dragon Install: new move. Same animation as VV followup kick, has flames, hits overhead, causes groundbounce. Can be looped, has minimum height requirement.<br /><br /><br />Testament:<br /><br />- Hitomi (tree): command changed to 623S, can be done with 236S(?)<br />- Zeinest (web): command changed to 623H, can be done with 236H(?)<br />- Ruft Warrant: New move, command is 22 P or K. Doesn't hit, is only a warp.<br />- New FB phantom soul: command is 236D, tracks opponent.<br />- EXE beast - Can be held to hit after it is summoned. Can summon one while the other is charging. Both have FRCs Can still be done instantly, does 2 hits total.<br />- 6K hitbox appears to be smaller.<br />- Bad Lands range decreased, untechable time is apparently shorter, Bad Lands can no longer be looped.<br /><br /><br />Venom:<br /><br />- 5Sc now gatlings into 6H.<br />- FB stinger aim: no longer freezes balls in place, balls pushed with this move can now bounce several times on the floor and screen borders.<br />- FB carcass raid: same as above.<br />- 6P no longer gatlings into 6H.<br />- 6H has faster startup.<br /><br /><br />Zappa:<br /><br />- j.236H (sword mode): FRC now possible right after landing, now knocks enemy up on hit for followup combos.<br />- Darkness Anthem (236S, Raoh mode): now possible airborne.<br />- Last Edguy (214S, Raoh mode): now possible airborne.<br />- Icons added above tension bar for each summon.<br />- 632146H gives one orb per hit, maximum of 4 orbs.<br />- Smaller chance to summon Dog (?)<br />- When Dog gets hit in neutral state, he sleeps.<br />- Sword 2H stays in place for a bit after the animation.<br /><br />
    <br /><br /><br />Confirma-se que isto não vai ser um simples port do jogo para a nova geração, mas sim uma nova versão rebalanced.  <br />
  • /cast scroll of ressurrection on veteran ptf GG players...
  • olha neo, tavas.te a queixar, mas a tua may por seu lado ta mais forte~ podes roubar melhor (ou poderias se n fosses n00bi~) :tnt:
  • on 1338750856:
    <br />olha neo, tavas.te a queixar, mas a tua may por seu lado ta mais forte~ podes roubar melhor (ou poderias se n fosses n00bi~) :tnt:<br />
    <br />Actually, com o que tá mudado, levou foi nerf lol Muito mais dificil de fazer loop de golfinho vertical, se é que for ainda possível.
  • Less go I-no  :morango:
  • on 1338752765:
    <br />Actually, com o que tá mudado, levou foi nerf lol Muito mais dificil de fazer loop de golfinho vertical, se é que for ainda possível.<br />
    <br /><br />Ele nunca fez loop, por isso nao houve nerf nenhum lol :tnt: Spam 6P forever~~
  • on 1338750856:
    <br />olha neo, tavas.te a queixar, mas a tua may por seu lado ta mais forte~ podes roubar melhor (ou poderias se n fosses n00bi~) :tnt:<br />
    <br /><br /> :P <br /><br />agora neo ja pode fazer combos mais faceis para ele~ ikke neo ichigo!! xD
  • Nunca foi preciso fazer loop, pois bastava 5K > 5S > 5HS > golfinho ou então brincar com 6P combo que a maioria comia.<br /><br />Sim, a maioria dos players levou com IK da May por isso não entendo a razão de me chamarem noob, quando eu mal tocava no jogo... Bastou simple combos para vos fazer frente por isso meus amigos toca a treinar.<br /><br />PS: Não vou usar May nem nenhuma das chars que suspeitam. <br /><br />Immoral, o golfinho vertical não é impossível, vai é ser ainda mais difícil penso eu. In any case i cba about May.
  • on 1338767770:
    <br />PS: Não vou usar May nem nenhuma das chars que suspeitam.
    <br /><br />lol vais mudar pa Kliff? <br />spammar novo forcebreak para instant stun?  :tnt: <br /><br />
  • plusr2.png<br /><br />Notas do 2nd loketest<br />* System changes<br /><br />Change list<br /><br />▼Lag<br />Improvement measures have been taken in order to fix issues with lag.<br />▼Slashback<br />* A failed slashback attempt has 2 frames recovery<br />*After a successful slashback, for a duration of 45 frames the window for success is increased to 6F.<br />(This was previously 4F, for a duration of 30F)<br />▼May Ship Stage<br />*Background characters have changed<br />▼22 Inputs Change<br />*After crouching, the lever must be returned to neutral followed by ↓ ↓ for the move to come out.<br />▼Gold Burst Change<br />* It is possible to recover after being hit by a gold burst while standing.<br />▼User Interface Changes<br />* Health meter: The colour scheme has changed<br />* Combo display: When a combo continues despite recovery being possible, Beat becomes dark and it is displayed at what hit number recovery was possible.<br />* Stagger meter: It is now possible to see how long remains until stagger ends.<br />* Negative penalty display: Right before receiving a negative penalty, the "Danger" sign starts to fllash.<br />* Right before becoming dizzy, the character icon will flash red.<br />▼Taunt Tension Gain Change<br />* During the location tests only, rate of tension gain after a taunt is increased.<br /><br />Mudanças nas characters aqui(ainda estão a ser traduzidas)<br />
  • lol <br />nerfem mais o pot <3
  • on 1340916276:
    <br />lol <br />nerfem mais o pot <3<br />
    <br /><br />iii Skryba e Dante acho que vão arrepender-se de jogarem GG (vão arranjar milhares de desculpas para nem pegarem no jogo).<br />
  • on 1340916380:
    <br />iii Skryba e Dante acho que vão arrepender-se de jogarem GG (vão arranjar milhares de desculpas para nem pegarem no jogo).<br />
    <br /><br />Nem tu vais pegar  :morango:
  • on 1340917269:
    <br />Nem tu vais pegar  :morango:<br />
    <br /><br />Tens medo de ser exposed... mas já sabemos que fraud tu és até no teu jogo de eleição!  :tnt:
  • on 1340917708:
    <br />Tens medo de ser exposed... mas já sabemos que fraud tu és até no teu jogo de eleição!  :tnt:<br />
    We'll see about that :P
  • igreja.jpg<br /><br />kero buster FRC e JS devolta~<br /><br />*cry*
  • Darem nerf no j.S é que é mais triste. Mesmo se acertar em alguém no chão, levanta o oponente? Menos mixups?<br /><br />Potemkin nunca precisou de nerfs, muito menos às cenas que o tornam diferente de um grappler medíocre.<br /><br />Mas pronto, top tier Chipp, lets go.
  • The 2nd location test for the upcoming GGXX arcade upgrade Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R will be in location test June 30 and July 1 at CLUB SEGA Shinjuku West Gate in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Today it was announced on the CLUB SEGA Shinjuku event Twitter that this location test will be streamed with the consent of Arc System Works.
    <br />Stream vai ser aqui.
  • on 1341008586:
    <br /><br />Nice, ja descobri isto começa as 10 horas japan time ou seja daqui a 2 horas mais ou menos
  • lol venom sure likes his balls xD
  • A pedido de várias famílias<br /><br />GGXXACPR - 2nd Loketest Summary
  • Looks pretty interesting :D<br /><br />Kinda looking forward p/ k saia isto. N sei s vou ter paciencia d pegar outra x no jogo, jah k jah tenho pouco tempo poh mahvel, mas I sure do miss my good ol johnny ^^<br /><br />E os upgrades novos dele sao bem giros :D faster mist e nova coin move k causa KD parece mto interessante p/ coin loops a acabar em mist :D<br /><br />@emperador: humpf, kero ver eh s tu pegas nisto mazeh p/ levares na boca! xD
  • prefiro shitty kofii 13 yack~
  • on 1344525116:
    <br />@emperador: humpf, kero ver eh s tu pegas nisto mazeh p/ levares na boca! xD<br />
    <br /><br />Lol eu nunca joguei isto a sério mas se quiseres levar free IK na boca, bring it on!<br /><br />Não vou é aturar os teus whinnings de Joh changes (e olha que só levou buffs mostly agora).<br />
  • on 1344527065:
    <br />prefiro shitty kofii 13 yack~<br />
    <br /><br />Postaste na thread errada, os teus amiguis estão no outro lado (azores disease)~
  • on 1344527432:
    <br />Postaste na thread errada, os teus amiguis estão no outro lado (azores disease)~<br />
    <br /><br />aonde post errada?<br /><br />well, menos hype pls esse jogo d merda ainda deve demorar pa sair....
  • on 1344529283:
    <br />well, menos hype pls esse jogo d merda ainda deve demorar pa sair....<br />
    <br />Yeah tens razão  :(<br />wait a sec...<br /><br />
    Guilty Gear director Takeshi Yamanaka announced earlier on Twitter that Guilty XX Accent Core Plus R, the latest update to the GGXX series, is set for a September 20 release. Expect an official announcement regarding the AC+R arcade release soon.
    <br />GET HYPE PEOPLE!!! ^ . ^
  • Wait, 20/9 vai ser arcade release, mas ainda nao confirmaram data de console release
  • on 1344595878:
    <br />Wait, 20/9 vai ser arcade release, mas ainda nao confirmaram data de console release<br />
    <br /><br />Vai sair ao mesmo tempo...
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