KOF XIII Tournament and Arcade Cabinet

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Hey all ptfighters,
i just want to know where can i find a KOF XIII arcade cabinet in Lisbon ?

p.s. sorry i have to post in English, my Portuguese language is not quite strong.



  • Hi and welcome,

    I'm sorry but our arcade scene is dead nowadays. You won't be able to find any recent fighting game around.
  • Oh i see thanks.

    what about KOF XIII tournament ? is there one where it is held regularly ?
    I want to attend one just to practive fighting against another player. Right now im playing against the CPU which is way too easy and boring.
  • When are you coming? We might be able to set something up here for KOF13. A meet-up or something. Though right now, we don't have a lot of people around lisbon interested in KOF, unfortunately.

    ALUCARD, ve ai se direccionas o rapaz.
  • Im already in Lisbon. Im a university student here in Lisbon.
  • Oooooh! Nice.

    Hmmm, well then, I will probably be doing a meet or something this month for KOF13 and UMvC3. Keep an eye out here on the forum for something. I usually hold these in my garage, between actual tournaments and stuff like that.

    Also, welcome! Where did you come from, if I may ask?
  • nice, alright i will remind myself to check.

    ps. i come from BKK, Thailand.
  • Hi, welcome to our community and country.
    Do you have a PS3 or a 360?
  • unfortunately no, i dont have neither one of the consoles with me. all I have to play KOFXIII on the PC (rip version) with a gamepad. That's why i wanted to know whether there's an arcade somewhere in lisbon i could play/practice.
  • Oh, bummer :( well regardlessly, welcome to our community and, more importantly, welcome to Portugal ;) yeah it's a real shame but arcades here in Portugal are completely dead. The most you'll find is the ocasional public console in a pub with a bunch of PS3/360 games that may include vanilla SF4. Actual arcades usually have Metal Slug and those kinds of things.

    If you don't mind me asking, where are you studying?
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