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Este tópico vai ser um pouco experimental.<br />Basicamente sempre que surgir entrevistas dos desenvolvedores relacionado com a saga, irão ser colocados aqui em vez de estar sempre a criar um tópico para cada entrevista caso ela não seja especifica de algum jogo da saga.<br />É uma forma de também as pessoas estarem a par de  quem está por trás a desenvolver , quais as ideias para determinado jogo e para o futuro da série, e toda a gente poder comentar sobre o assunto no mesmo sitio.<br /><br />Aqui fica a primeira.<br /><br />http://gamasutra.com/view/news/37553/Planning_Tekkens_Future_Katsuhiro_Haradas_Vision.php


  • Os noobs do sul ainda acham que o homem não percebe da cena.<br />Entrevista bonita de ler. <br /><br />http://uk.gamespot.com/features/discussing-fighting-games-with-the-king-of-iron-fist-6377802/<br /><br />How will Tekken Tag Tournament 2 improve the online experience for console players? What role will Tekken-Net play?<br /><br />At this time, I can't talk about this too much yet. But I can say we are definitely working on areas that people were dissatisfied with in Tekken 6, and we are also adopting online lobby elements that are popular in SoulCalibur V.
  • I personally think there has to be a line drawn when thinking about paid DLC for fighting games. The line the Tekken team has chosen regarding this is that stages, characters, and moves shouldn't be added as paid DLC. If they are to be added, they should be free. If you look at interviews I have done years ago, you can see I have mentioned this quite a long time ago. It's because these are necessary elements to a fighting game. Much like chess pieces to a game of chess, they shouldn't be charged for separately.<br /><br />If I were to do paid DLC, I guess it would be something similar to iTunes; you could maybe buy more music to use in-game. <br /><br /><br />Broken<br /><br />Tekken has sold 40 million copies to date…but we learned 70 percent of players don't participate in tournaments. If you look at SoulCalibur, 90 percent of [players] have no interest in tournaments.
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