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Super Street Fighter IV AE - Discussão Geral

edited November 2011 in Street Fighter IV
TÓPICO EXCLUSIVO PARA DISCUSSÃO DA VERSÃO ARCADE DO SSF4<br /><br />http://shoryuken.com/f315/ssfiv-ae-blog-changes-yoshinori-ono-doesnt-care-about-green-people-255022/<br /><br /><br />Abel<br />- Crouch hp: 2nd hit attack box is smaller above and below<br />- Tornado throw: lower damage<br />- Marseille rolling: no more hit invincibility at the end of it, making it easier to get countered. <br />- Muga damage down by about 10%<br />- Mukuu damage is also down by about 10%, and the start of the attack detection is a little later. Plus, no more hyper armor during the dash, and the recovery time for when you miss and cancelling is longer<br /><br /><br />Adon<br />- Normals like cr.LP, Close st.MP, and cr.HP had frame changes.<br />- Close st.MP, on hit, will have a frame advantage of +6,<br />- Hitbox-wise, normals like Far st.LP, Far st.MP, and cr.MP are buffed.<br />- EX Jaguar Tooth will not have EX Flash until he gets to the wall, and will be invincible to projectiles until grounded.<br />- MK Jaguar Kick's hitbox is changed, so Close st.HP -> MK Jaguar combos.<br />- Super's start-up changed to 7f, and the first hit's hitbox is extended downward.<br />- Wake-up got slower.<br /><br /><br />Akuma<br />- MP SRK's invincibility is lengthened, he is completely invincible for the first 5 frames.<br />- Air tatsu's jump arc is changed, so running away with tatsu is impossible.<br />- EX Tatsu's damage and stun build got reduced.<br />- U2, when canceled during teleport only, has bigger hitbox downwards. st.HP -> Teleport -> U2, is possible.<br />- During back dash, airborne frame comes immediately after invincibility frames end.<br /><br /><br />-Blanka<br />-Recovery on Rock Crush (f+MP)  decreased allowing  far s.LP to be linked afterwards. <br />- active frames on Amazon River (df+HP) reduced,  total frames have been reduced.  hurtbox during recovery increased.<br />-Surprise Forward increased grounded frames in the beginning, easier to be grabbed.<br />-Hurtbox on Hori Ball widened, and bounceback increased on block. <br />-LP&EX's hitback distance on block stay the same as they are now, MP&HP's distances got shorter.<br />Risk on a long distance HP Roll got higher, but it retains its distance on hit.<br />-EX Rainbow's forward distance reduced, harder to escape from the corner.<br />-EX Electricity faster start-up (5 frames)[/COLOR]<br /><br /><br /> "Boxer/Balrog:<br />- Near version s.MP's damage is slightly decreased. It now forces stand, and is special cancel-able<br />- Far version s.LP whiffs on all crouchers<br />- Buffalo Head now has more ground recovery frames on whiff and on block + damage is decreased. (headbutt > ultra possible)<br />- U2 motion changed from 720P to HCBx2<br /><br /><br />C. Viper:<br />- U2's hitbox buffed<br /><br /><br />Cammy:<br />- Near and Far version s.LP, c.LP, Near s.MP, c.MP, Near s.HP's recovery decreased (resulting in more frame advantage)<br />- Far version s.HP somewhat cancel-able? (They explain that c.LP -> c.LP -> Far s.HP -> HK spiral arrow combo is possible) <br />- Cannon Spike will now retract less on hit/block, so it's easier to punish.<br />- Cannon Strike now has height restriction (cannot do it too low) except for EX version<br />-There was a change to each of LK, MK, and HK SA, and we also adjusted HK SA's active frame distribution (<- since HK SA is 2 hits, maybe they'll shorten the first hit then lengthen the second hit, or vice versa). There are no changes to Knuckle and Hooligan (QnA translation)<br /><br /><br />Chun-Li<br />- Stun down on c.roundhouse (hard kick). Damage down on s.strong (medium punch). Both moves have the same hit properties.<br />- DF+Light Kick comes out slower, more vulnerability. Can still combo after it if it hits an airborne opponent.<br />- Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit.<br /><br /><br />Cody<br />- Crouch short (light kick) now comes out in 3 frames. Frame advantage on hit is still the same. Should be more useable as a low poke with reach.<br />- Crack Kick (F+HK) gets more juggle<br />- Until now, on a grounded opponent, the first hits of EX Criminal Upper didn't connect, but now they will. The range at which Cody can pick up the knife has increased.<br /><br /><br />Dan<br />- Close s.LK's start-up is changed to 3f<br />- c.MP's start-up is changed to 5f. <br />- 5f start-up cr.MP's recovery is reduced by 3f.<br />- Far st.LP's recovery got reduced to the point where Dan's frame advantage on hit is +7.<br />- Close s.LK, Close s.MP, Close s.HK, Far s.LP, c.LP, c.MK's recovery are reduced (Far s.LP -> c.MK and c.MP -> c.MP became to be possible combos)<br />- Neutral j.HP has pursuit property, and will slam opponents down to the ground when hit.<br />- MK/HK Danku's damage distribution got adjusted, and HK Danku's total damage is decreased.<br />Koryuken will give air reset on trade. (<- likely on Dan, not the opponent)<br />- Haoh Gadoken's invincibility is decreased to 8f after Ultra freeze. As a result, if it can be stuffed, and projectile will not come out when that happens.<br /><br /><br />Dee Jay<br />- Far st.LP hurtbox around his arm is deleted<br />- cr.MP priority got strengthened, damage increase.<br />- Close st.MP active frame got increased by 1f, better as AA.<br />- Far st.MK is changed to be a 2-hit normal, adjusted damage distribution, start-up, and total duration.1st hit is cancelable.<br />- Close st.HK, will knock them out in the air 2nd hit has pursuit property.<br />- Far st.HK start-up 1f reduction, active frames +1f.<br />- cr.HK distance got shortened, more active frames will recover faster after active frames end.<br />-Forward j.MK pushback on hit increased, combos after crossing up easier.<br />- Air Slasher's recovery shortened and the hitstun/blockstun got reduced. Opponent's attack will now be registered as a counter hit if you get hit out during the whole move, so if the opponent gets to jump in you will be in a world of hurt.<br />- LK Double Rolling Sobat/Dread Kick's start-up = 12f, and his lower body invincibility increase. throw invincibility and airborne state removed. MK/HK/EX version's 1st hit deals longer hitstun, allows 1st hit of dread kicks fadc combos<br />- Machinegun Upper got increased in damage.<br />- Up Kicks LK's damage is increased, and is completely invincible until active frames end.<br />- HK and EX versions' hitbox is adjusted in order to prevent it from whiffing some hits after connecting.<br />- U2's recovery is reduced as much as possible.<br />- Forward dash has more frames where you can input Super/Ultra combo command.<br /><br /><br />Dhalsim<br />- DB+MP has faster start-up + less recovery. A combo such as DB+MP -> DB+MP <br />- EX Yoga Flame has faster start-up and is comboable from middle strength attacks. Because it's easier to combo into, the damage is changed to 50*70.<br />-Super's damage is reduced to 300.<br />- During back dash, airborne frame comes immediately after invincibility frames end.<br /><br /><br />Dictator/M.Bison<br />- st.HK's damage is change to 80 when hit outside of his knee, and to 110 inside.<br />- cr.LK's hurtbox got a little bigger, and it's easier to get stuffed.<br />- LK Knee's hitback distance on block is increased. t's harder to get hit out after blocking, but it'll be hard to give a pressure combined with cr.LK.<br />- invincible to projectiles during active frames of Super.<br />- U2's command is changed to charge command. Instead, its damage is increased to 450.<br /><br /><br />Dudley<br />- c.MK's active frame is increased to 5f.<br />- s.HK's recovery is reduced by 3f . Same adv on hit, frame advantage is 0 on block,  the total duration is reduced by the same amount as well.<br />- j.HK, will slam down opponents to the ground if they're hit in airborne state, so it's better as an AA.<br />- F+MP's start-up 7f, and increased hitbox as well, so it is possible to hit some characters out of their low attacks.<br />- F+HK's hitbox got buffed, so it is possible to connect from further away than now.<br />- A new special, EX duck -has upper body invincibility during movement, and canceling into follow-ups is possible from the 3rd frame. (LP/LK attack -> EX duck -> Ducking Straight/Upper is possible as well.)<br />- Jet Upper FADC on block has frame advantage of -2f.<br />- fixed cases on where throw didn't connect on some dizzied opponents.<br /><br /><br />E. Honda<br />-LP Headbutt now has lower body invincibility instead of upper body invincibility, so it will be hard to utilize it as AA.<br />-U1 has projectile invincibility until the last active frame. U2's command has been changed to HCBx2 from 720, so it's easier to get it out. Also, while its range increased, it starts up in 2f so it's possible to dodge it after screen freeze.<br />-During backdash, Honda is now considered airborne right after invincibility ends.<br />-damage nerf across the board<br /><br /><br />El Fuerte<br />- Far standing jab (light punch) and crouching jab's start-up is now 4f, and there are more active frames as well. Crouching JAB can be chained (not short).<br />- More recovery on Guacamole on landing (EX included). Tortilla loses invincibility, can be countered more easily.<br />- More startup on El Fuerte Ultra Spark, damage down. The size of the hitbox changes with movement (...?), making it harder to hit overall.<br /><br /><br />FEI-LONG<br />- Close and Far stand jab are have an extra frame of advantage (now +6)<br />- Close forward has a 4-frame startup<br />- Less recovery on EX Rekka on hit and on guard<br />- No invincibility with HK Chicken Wing<br />- Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end<br /><br /><br />Gen<br />Mantis:<br />-Two TCs have been added in. TC1 is c.LK xx c.Mk & s.HP 1st hit xx s.MK<br />-s.LP's hurtbox during active frames have been resized,  harder to get hit out of.<br />-c.MP's start-up  faster, possible to link from s.LP and c.LP.<br />-s.HK range improved<br />-U2 hitbox improved downward, so less chance to whiff <br />Crane:<br />-U2's travelling speed is faster.<br />-During backdash, he's airborne right after invincibility wears out<br />- For crane normals, we did small adjustments to increase their usefulness, such as hurtbox reduce on some of them.<br />- Mantis U2's change is the hitbox increased upward/downward only.<br /><br /><br />Gouken<br />- close s.MP and close s.HK have more frame advantage.<br />- close s.MK has 3f start-up<br />- neutral jump HP and diagonal jump HK have pursuit properties, and will slam opponents into the ground.<br />- j.mp 1st hit it can be canceled into tatsu<br />-Back grab has been changed to deal gray damage, so the combo damage from the grab has been decreased. (<- I believe they're saying that the back grab deals 0 gray damage, so it'll get scaled as a combo as well.)<br />- LP Palm (Senkugoshoha) has been drastically changed, so it will connect from weak attacks (LP/LK)<br />-EX Tatsu locks opponent, making it easier to combo.<br />-recovery of the Demon Flip Focus has been significantly decreased, making it easier to utilize.<br />-Kongoshin will come out in punches only, and strength of the punch changes where it kongos.LP will take low attacks, MP will take attacks right in the middle, and HP will take attacks at the upper body.<br />-During backdash, Gouken is now considered airborne right after invincibility ends.<br /><br /><br />Guile<br />- Upside down Kick, we deleted his hurtbox from his knee and below during the first few frames after starting up, and we reduced its damage. Sweeps will whiff.<br />- reduced Spinning Back Knuckle's damage.<br />- Sonic Boom's meter gain at start-up is halved,<br />- LK/MK/HK Flash Kicks are nerfed in damage.<br />- Sonic Hurricane's damage is nerfed, start-up got a bit slower.<br /><br /><br />Guy:<br />- c.LK's damage decreased, and its start-up is 3f now<br />- Far version s.MK has faster start-up and less recovery<br />- Far version s.MP's hitbox is buffed a bit<br />- F+MP overhead now does 2 hits, and is even on hit<br />- His EX run follow-up timing is now same with his non-EX versions. Also, his EX run -> slide has projectile invincibility, while his EX run -> stop has Armor. Since EX Run can focus 2 hits to begin with, you can now focus all of Akuma's HP Shakunetsu Hadouken by timing your EX Run -> Stop (QnA translation). (<- Not sure what they meant on "EX run follow-up timing" stuff)<br />- Super Combo damage increased, and fixed some issues of it whiffing on some characters if done after a combo<br /><br /><br />Hakan<br />-st.HP hurtbox around his arm got smaller, so it's easier to use as an AA or a poke.<br />- When Oiled, even when normals are input during forward dash he will still slide a little. (<- i need help with this translation)<br />- Step Low (F+LK) got to be cancelable.<br />-For Oil Shower, the duration of the oil will be stacked now. maximum duration 30 seconds.<br />- Also, MK/HK/EX versions have 5f less recovery and EX version can be canceled into coward crouch. Also, Oil Shower will be one of the follow-ups after Oil Slide. The effect is the same as LK Oil Shower, and he will be in advantage nevertheless.<br />- LP Oil Slide has faster start-up, and can be connected from cr.LP or Step Low.<br />- Oil Dive (including EX), while holding button, can be canceled into coward crouch.<br />- Oil Rocket, Oil Dive's input property is adjusted, so the feeling will be same with that of Zangief's SPD.<br /><br /><br />Ibuki<br />-There has been changes to the normals.<br />-s.LK has 4f start-up<br />- s.MK got changed to have 5f start-up<br />- c.HK -> s.HK TC got added. <br />-Kunai's damage got decreased<br />-Ibuki drops down sharply after jump back ex kunai.<br />-Neck Breaker had damage and stun nerf.<br />-command dash no longer counter hit when interrupted by opponent.<br /><br /><br />JURI<br />- Her fireball charge kick knocks the opponent higher<br />- You now combo Fireball charge > Pinwheel, for example<br />- Less stun and damage on charge kick<br />- No changes to U1, but because of the changes to the charge kick, it's easier to score knockdowns<br />- Faster walk speed (both foward and back)<br />- Improvements to hitbox, EX FA (Not sure about this one, take with a grain of salt)<br />- Fufajin Kick, it does put the opponent in juggle state and would be an unrecoverable knockdown.<br />- we altered some in her normals as well.<br /><br /><br />KEN<br />-Less recovery on cr.MP, can now combo cr.MP into cr.MK<br />-Improved hit box for cl.LP and target combo (assuming this to mean more range)<br />- LP Shoryu has 2 extra frames of recovery, but does 120 damage<br />- EX Hado can juggle twice in the air, so you can get full juggle off LP Shoryu > EX Hado<br />- EX Air Tatsu is no longer an overhead<br />- Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end<br /><br /><br />MAKOTO<br />-cr.LK has more range<br />-st.LK is now kara-cancellable<br />-cr.HK attack box extended, and the damage box has been lowered slightly, easier to use as an anti-air<br />-cr.HP has slightly more active frames<br />-F+LP has a 3 frame startup (formerly 4 frames)<br />-EX Hayate is now armor-break, has a slightly faster startup<br />-Fukiage, when the arm is fully extended, the hittable box from her chest up is now barely there, while the attack box is extended, so there are now almost no cases where it trades or is stuffed. It still can't hit grounded opponents however. The start up for all versions have been revised...<br />-EX Tsurugi is now similar to EX Cannon Strike in what height the technique can be executed.-UC1 damage distribution has been change. It still does the same total damage, but because of the change, will do more when the scale kicks in.<br />-UC2 has a faster startup<br />-1000 Health<br />-Forward and back dash are faster. Because of this, now HP Hayate FADC cr.LK (and other normals) LP Hayate now combos.<br /><br /><br />Rose<br />-Super will no longer work when there is a Soul Spark in the screen.It is still possible to cancel into super from Soul Spark.<br />-Soul Satellite (U2) invincibility has been removed if you take hit right after activating it, the orbs will not appear.<br /> <br /><br />RUFUS<br />- Anti-air U2 does not give you the full hits<br />- EX Messiah does less damage (80 PTS of Damage)<br />- Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end <br /><br /><br />Ryu:<br />- Far version s.MP is now special cancel-able<br />- Near version s.MK's damage increased<br />- Near version s.HK now has more frame advantage. They mentioned it's possible to link s.HK -> SRK<br />- Less active frames on c.MK<br />- F+HP damage decreased<br />- Jump arc changed on his diagonal jump tatsu. They say it's harder to run away with the tatsu, but also says that its cross-up will be more ambiguous when jumping in<br />- Did something about EX tatsu whiffing the last few kicks on hit"<br />-  Ryu's LP SRK has now 1~3f as grounded, and 4f~to the ground as airborne. Therefore, there would be situations where trade LP SRK -> Metsu Hadouken is possible. <br /><br /><br />Sagat<br />- The total damage is increased on s.LK when both hits get connected. <br />- Tiger Uppercut's damage is increased when connected at the 1st~2nd active frames<br />- Angry scar changed command to kick buttons.<br /><br /><br />Sakura<br />- Close strong (medium punch) has less recovery, crouch strong and crouch forward (medium kick) can combo from hit confirm. Far strong can be cancelled same as Ryu. Vulnerable hitbox on far forward reduced, making it harder to hit her out of it.<br />- Air Tatsu can get more airborne hits. Other various adjustments on making hitboxes bigger, damage, and recovery done to make her stronger.<br />- Less recovery on each level of Hadouken<br /><br /><br />Seth<br />- His forward j.HP number of active frames is doubled <br />- Far st.MK active frame is lengthened a little, and his hurtbox during when he extends his leg is horizontally reduced<br />- Close st.MP start-up reduced, total duration of the move is reduced, frame advantage on hit increased<br />- cr.HP start-up reduction,<br />- cr.MK has slightly more active frames.<br />- Neutral j.HP and back j.HP's motion is changed to forward j.HP's.<br />-His Dive Kick's hitstun + blockstun is decreased<br />- All three Head Stomp's active frames are reduced. Timing to hit all three of them is changed.<br />- Sonic Boom's recovery is reduced by 1f, and EX Sonic Boom's recovery is reduced by 3f.<br />- Super's invincibility is lengthened, and "the pursuit priority is increased" (<- I think they mean that it connects more number of times on airborne opponents)<br />- U2's recovery got shortened. Full invincibility is changed to 12f,and after that he is invincible to projectiles only until the end of active frames.<br />- U1 deals more damage and has longer recovery.<br />- Life increased to 800, stun increased to 900.<br /><br /><br />T. Hawk<br />- We reduced Close st.HK's recovery, and changed frame advantage to be +4 on hit.<br />- Far st.HK's hitstun and blockstun are increased, so it's harder to get countered out.<br />- Neutral j.HK has more active frames.<br />- EX Condor Dive can be used by itself. Different from the normal one, it can be used on back jump as well, and is invincible to projectiles until its active frames end.<br />- LP Condor Spire's hitbox is extended forward. Condor Spire's meter gain upon activation is increased.<br />- Super's grab range is changed to be the same as LP Mexican Typhoon.<br />- U2 has faster start-up, and invincibility got lengthened.<br /><br /><br />VEGA<br />- cr.MK start up is now 6 frames (2 frames faster)<br />- Less damage on cr.MP and cr.HK<br />- More recovery for Cosmic Heel on block<br />- Less recovery on EX roll<br />- You can now combo cr.MP from EX roll<br />- U2 has slightly more startup<br />- Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end<br /><br /><br />Zangief<br />- increased his range on far s.HP.<br />- buffed damage on LP&HP SPD, and increased range on LP SPD.<br />- EX Banishing Flat, when hit on ground, will no longer knock opponents down. Opponents remain in LP SPD's range <br />- can alter Siberian Blizzard's traveling distance by holding forward/backward input between ultra freeze and start-up. For forward direction, it can travel much further than before, so it's easier to grab backdashing opponents.<br />While the ground recovery on whiff has increased, we see it as a buff considering its possibility on controlling the distance.<br /><br /><br />===<br /><br /><br />Stream dos primeiros U.S.A matches do SSF4 A.E  em breve:<br />http://shoryuken.com/content/arcade-ufo-super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-live-stream-coming-soon-2782/<br /><br />Vídeos dos primeiros Japan matches de SSF4 A.E em breve:<br />http://shoryuken.com/content/day1-japanese-footage-super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-coming-soon-cho-2776/<br /><br />


  • Alguns comentários do Daigo e outros sobre o SSF4 AE.<br /><br />http://iplaywinner.com/news/2010/12/16/ssf4-ae-change-notes-from-daigo-acqua.html<br /> <br />http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/dec/16/super-street-fighter-4-arcade-edition-changes-impressions/<br /> <br /> <br />"He confirmed LP Shoryu trade Ultra for Ryu."
  • -He confirmed LP Shoryu trade Ultra for Ryu.
    <br /><br />  :-\
  • lol fui só eu que notei uma fixação dele pelo Zangief?<br /><br />então upper tier para ele é Fei Long, Balrog, Yun e Yang. Cabrão do preto nunca mais é nerfed como deve de ser :P<br />Also ken stronger than ryu?  :(<br />E Cammy cannon strikes ao nível da head confirmados, sigh
  • Divine isto foi o que ele disse:<br /><br />- After Yun, Yang, and Fei Long, he ranked Zangief, Balrog, and C. Viper.<br /><br />E alguém disse que podes combar mesmo com um CS que acerta logo por baixo da cabeça por isso nem tudo é mau.
  • Eagerly expecting video footage
  • Canal youtube do Air e do Kim1234 onde eles vão começar a meter vids do SSF4:AE hoje à noite (do JPN ou US isso não sei).<br /><br />http://www.youtube.com/user/SSF4AE?feature=mhum
  • oh yeah  ;)<br /><br />subscribed  ;D thx
  • Ui, subscribe automático
  • Não tenho conta de Youtube e sou demasiado lazy para andar a ver todos os vídeos à procura do que quero.<br /><br />Resumidamente, aqui fica um apelo para me enviarem uma PM ou postarem aqui no tópico clips do Gen (se é que vai haver algum  :P) Thanks in advance.
  • me desculpem, mas AE, nao vai ser uploaded po SSF4?! Logo SSF4 passa automaticamente a ser SSF4AE... na vejo o interesse deste topic, mas pronto !
  • o Rog e gief  com mais power ainda? <br /><br />Que rebalance  "maravilhoso"...<br /><br />btw: Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit. (isso significa que o focus attack  entra mais rapido, ou seja a área de acção do focus dela foi aumentada para o oponente fazer o 1º hit e depois levar  com o focus, ou significa que é mais facil quebrar o focus da chun li?)
  • on 1292504822:
    <br />Não tenho conta de Youtube e sou demasiado lazy para andar a ver todos os vídeos à procura do que quero.<br /><br />Resumidamente, aqui fica um apelo para me enviarem uma PM ou postarem aqui no tópico clips do Gen (se é que vai haver algum  :P ) Thanks in advance.<br />
    <br /><br />NÃO :P <br /> <br /> <br />OK, Kim got back to me, he has 6 videos recorded and he'll upload them once he gets home.<br /> <br />Vão buscar aipo pll. E pipocas pa comerem enquanto esperam pelos vídeos.<br /> <br />Ao que parece os vídeos são todos de guile e dhalsim mirrors...
  • on 1292505689:
    <br />btw: Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit. (isso significa que o focus attack  entra mais rapido, ou seja a área de acção do focus dela foi aumentada para o oponente fazer o 1º hit e depois levar  com o focus, ou significa que é mais facil quebrar o focus da chun li?)<br />
    Bem visto bro, tb. gostava de saber como é que um F.A é mais facil de hitar... lol
  • on 1292505858:
    <br />NÃO :P <br />
    <br /><br />Hey hey, eu não estou muito interessado em ver as changes aos outros personagens como vocês. Gimme a break e digam-me quando houverem novidades sobre o velhote.  ;D
  • on 1292505267:
    <br />me desculpem, mas AE, nao vai ser uploaded po SSF4?! Logo SSF4 passa automaticamente a ser SSF4AE... na vejo o interesse deste topic, mas pronto !<br />
    <br /><br />Provavelmente serão vários meses até a versão AE sair nas consolas. Enquanto não tivermos acesso ao patch da versão AE, não vejo problema em termos tópicos separados para ter vídeos e notícias da versão caseira assim como novidades da versão AE. É apenas organização =)
  • De quem da chun?<br /><br />Se for: a chun é das personagens com maior step back quando faz charge do FA. Ou seja ela dá um passo atrás fazendo com que o teu move whiff, por ex um srk.<br /> <br />@ Afonso: for the last time, NÃO. :P
  • on 1292507183:
    <br />De quem da chun?<br /><br />Se for: a chun é das personagens com maior step back quando faz charge do FA. Ou seja ela dá um passo atrás fazendo com que o teu move whiff, por ex um srk.<br /> <br />@ Afonso: for the last time, NÃO. :P<br />
    <br /><br />yep @bojas, tava a me referir ao FA da Chun
  • from srk.com:<br /><br />I got to play a bit tonight. I had a bit of play time against the computer, and so was able to test out a couple of things.<br /><br />First of all, flashkick FADC (forward dash) sonic hurricane still works (however, the damage is pathetic, see below). The time that I did it, at the screen freeze, the opponent's body was at about the level of Guile's head. Sometimes in Super, the opponent's body is at about the level of Guile's arms and the ultra still connects; I didn't get to test that extreme case, so it might still have a tighter window. In any case it hasn't been removed from the game. On one attempt, I did the ultra a touch too early, and the opponent fell on the wrong side, just as they would have in Super, so that seems to be unchanged.<br /><br />On a few occasions I made a note of exact lifebar positions after damage had been dealt (first damage of the round). After coming home I tried to reproduce those lifebars to figure out damage values. I believe we have the new damage values:<br /><br />lk flashkick from point blank on the ground: 110 (compared to 130 in Super)<br />lk flaskick (point blank on the ground) FADC (forward dash) level 1 sonic hurricane: 190-200 (compared to 290 in Super(!!:0))<br /><br />Unfortunately I didn't get to test anti air sonic hurricane.<br /><br />I didn't notice any other obvious changes, aside from the meter nerf which they already told us the value for. I didn't get a chance to try air throw in a situation where I needed to do it close to the ground so I can't comment on that.<br /><br />One thing I'm extremely unsure about, but a couple times I poked with far stand fierce, and was surprised that it whiffed. So it's *possible* the hitbox is smaller, but that should be taken with a huge grain of salt. <br /> <br /> <br />  <br /><br />  <br /> <blockquote>Daigo confirms air throw has become slower. claims it's more boring to use now. i assume he means that it will only connect if your opponents clearly fucks up, no more wtf grab, which is what made guile fun in his opinion... <br /><br />states that guile has been changed so that only people who really like Guile will bother using him. but he also claims that Guile might still be upper mid tier. but this is just early impressions.<br /><br /><br />btw I really hope that every single one of those damage nerfs is by 10 points, aside from SH. any more would be retarded. </blockquote>
  • Aposto que se a Capcom não tivesse visto o daigo a violar o fei long do mago com Air throws ao Chicken Wing, aquele nerf não tinha acontecido
  • Daigo speaking about makoto in AE.<br /><br />famitsu article<br />あと、まことは思ったより強そうだだ ?た。しゃがみ弱キックが強いのがい㠠??。<br />仕込み疾風なんかが強いっぽくて。暠 ?れ土佐波砕きも強くなったから<br />飛び道具に合わせやすい。そうなるだ ?、まことの有利な距離で戦いやすく㠠??るからね。<br />まことはいい感じの上位キャラなんだ ?ゃない?<br />まことはマトモに強い感じ<br /><br />translation (some could correct me if i'm wrong):<br /><br />Makoto seems stronger than you think. Crouch LK is strong, especially when option selecting it with Hayate. Abare is also very strong against fireballs. So, it will be easier for her to fight when not close.<br />Don't you have a good feeling about makoto beeing toptier? (not really sure about this sentence).<br />I feel she's strong.
  • on 1292508462:
    <br />Videos<br /><br />http://www.youtube.com/user/Bl34tm4n<br />
    btw, prk é que tava td a jogar Feilongs (era feilongs a direita i Feilongs à esquerda...??) ???... lol
  • Feilong é o melhor char na AE. Pelo menos foi o que o Daigo disse e já o Mago tinha previsto. Ele já era muito bom e com os buffs que levou...<br /><br />Para quem viu os vídeos, alguém meteu um srk FADC Ultra com o Fei? Quantos hits deu o ultra?
  • Nop, no srk fadc ultra em nenhum dos vids..
  • Eu vou ignorar tudo o que dizem sobre previsões no que toca a tiers porque nunca ninguém está correcto. Também diziam que o Cody ia ser top 5, o Dudley completamente partido e a Ibuki um Sagat antes do SSF4 sair
  • on 1292512594:
    <br />Eu vou ignorar tudo o que dizem sobre previsões no que toca a tiers porque nunca ninguém está correcto. Também diziam que o Cody ia ser top 5, o Dudley completamente partido e a Ibuki um Sagat antes do SSF4 sair<br />
    <br />Very true. Acabaram todos por não ser nem metade tão bons como se pensava. A Juri numa das fases tb era apontada como a char mais broken do jogo(só a makoto é que sempre foi uma bela merda e assim ficou :P)
  • you gotta be kidding me. <br /><br />Ryu lp DP trades to ultra ???
  • SSFIV AE - Makoto vs Claw(音無) @A-cho<br /><br />0:12<br /><br />Aquele kara-karakusa :smitten:
  • on 1292512842:
    <br />you gotta be kidding me. <br /><br />Ryu lp DP trades to ultra ???<br />
    <br />lol não acredito que o ppl continua a chorar consistemente com uma char que só tem sido nerfed com N grande desde o vanilla :P<br /><br />
    on 1292512912:
    <br />Aquele kara-karakusa :smitten:<br />
    <br />não posso ver o vid agora, como tá a Makoto no vid?
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