West Coast Warzone 2 Starts

  West Coast Warzone 2, a huge California major tournament featuring a $1,000 pot bonus on Street Fighter 4, starts tomorrow! Be sure to check out all the tournament action from the venue if you are local, or from home over their live stream. A tip this morning from tournament co-director HappyTang said "We may have something... Super to reveal." You had me at hello, man....<br /><br />     West Coast Warzone II Promo<br /><br />   Site oficial: http://www.warzonetournament.com/<br /><br />    Friday (4/2/10) -<br /><br />8:00pm - At the door registration opens<br />8:00pm - Warzone Lounge | All setups will be on arcade style free play. Win 5 games in a row, and win a drink ticket good towards any beverage of your choice including alcohol!<br /><br />  Saturday (4/3/10) -<br /><br />12:00pm - Doors open<br />1:00pm - BlazBlue | Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion | HD-Remix<br /><br />3:00pm - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike | Marvel vs Capcom 2<br />5:00pm - Street Fighter IV<br /><br />Last Game - Free play until midnight<br /><br />  Sunday (4/4/10) -<br /><br />1:00pm - Grudge Matches<br />3:00pm - BlazBlue: Top 8<br />4:00pm - HD Remix: Top 8<br />5:00pm - Tekken 6: Top 8<br />6:00pm - Marvel vs Capcom 2: Top 8<br />7:00pm - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Top 8<br />8:00pm - Street Fighter IV: Top 16<br /><br />    Stream:<br /><br />   http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dasreviews-live<br /><br />                                    ou<br /><br />   http://columbusfightinggames.com/<br /><br /><br />   Enjoy  ;)


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