Regional Qualifier Tournaments<br />May-July 2010<br />Arcades all throughout Japan<br />as well as conventions held in countries all over the world<br /><br />Nationwide Deciding Tournament<br />[Tougeki '10 Final]<br />Will be held September 2010 in a metropolitan area.<br /><br />This year's Tougeki will be vastly restructured.<br />In order to satisfy the largest number of players,<br />There will be a second stage established in addition to the main stage for a "festival" format.<br />The held titles will be divided into two categories: A and B.<br />
<br /><br />What this means is that they will be holding "Category B" games on a side stage at the same time that "Category A" games take place. While is hasn't been officially announced, it looks like they are planning on SBO being only two days instead of three this year. This makes sense, as there is only one national holiday for Japan in September and it's on a Monday.<br /><br />As Orka said, there's also no doubt that Capcom was a key sponsor for SBO this year. After SBO wasn't announced on schedule this year, a lot of people suspected that they were scaling down. On 2 Chan, a lot of Japanese are complaining about Basara X and having three Street Fighter games. Fact is, though, SBO dictates what is played competitively for Japan. Some arcades will put Basara X back in, and it'll get some more burn.<br /><br />The other point of speculation is that Category B games will probably be given a smaller stage with less focus. It looks like they will be holding 3 "Category A" games and 2 "Category B" games per day for two days. That means that Category B games will probably just go on until a winner is determined, and may not be given as much focus (maybe just grand finals?).<br /><br /><br /><br />Tougeki Lineup 2010<br /><br />    [Category A】<br />    ● (3on3) STREET FIGHTER Ⅳ [CAPCOM]<br />    ● (3on3) TEKKEN6 BLOODLINE REBELLION [BANDAI NAMCO GAMES]<br />    ● (2on2) BLAZBLUE CONTINUUM SHIFT [ARC SYSTEM WORKS]<br />    ● (2on2) ARCANA HEART3 [EXAMU]<br />    ● (1on1) THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 UNLIMITED MATCH [SNK PLAYMORE]<br />    ● (3on3) Virtua Fighter5 R Ver.C [SEGA]<br /><br />    【Category B】<br />    ● (3on3) GUILTY GEAR XX ΛCORE [ARC SYSTEM WORKS]<br />    ● (3on3) STREET FIGHTER Ⅲ 3rd STRIKE Fight for the Future [CAPCOM]<br />    ● (1on1) Sengoku BASARA X [CAPCOM]<br />    ● (3on3) SUPER STREET FIGHTER Ⅱ X Grand Master Challenge [CAPCOM]<br /><br /><br />SENGOKU BASARA X CROSS no SBO 2010  :drunk:,será que vão pôr patch para corrigir broken infinites ???<br /> <br />HQ Sengoku Basara X (Cross) - Opening<br /><br />Sengoku Basara X Cross Opening+All roles Basara Skills


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