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Final Fantasy XV

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bem, FF Versus XIII é agora FF XV, e aqui fica o direct feed trailer tambem<br />FINAL FANTASY XV 2013 E3 トレーラー


  • Que aconteceu ao Final Fantasy?
  • Eu tenho medo que isto seja final fanatsy may cry e não final fantasy, you know, big world, exploring that kind of stuff.
  • exploring as in final fantasy 13? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Já me contentava como no FFXII<br /><br />P.S: FINAL FANTASY XV - Battle Gameplay First Look (E3 2013)
  • muito bom , e Asa, os tipos da Square  ja tinham dito a bastante tempo, que FFXV, ia ter mundo para explorar e airships, etc, vamos ter que esperar para ver o que eles vão eventualmente mostrar mais pra frente, e se queres que te diga o Nomura é um dos unicos, se nao o unico tipo da SE que ainda faz jogos de jeito la
  • on 1370989552:
    <br />muito bom , e Asa, os tipos da Square  ja tinham dito a bastante tempo, que FFXV, ia ter mundo para explorar e airships, etc, vamos ter que esperar para ver o que eles vão eventualmente mostrar mais pra frente, e se queres que te diga o Nomura é um dos unicos, se nao o unico tipo da SE que ainda faz jogos de jeito la<br />
    <br /><br />Deus te ouça. A nivel de battle gameplay gosto do que vejo, a minha preocupação é só mesmo o mundo e a exploração.
  • Dat Mgs moment no final ahah. Lindo.
  • lmao at skeptics.<br /><br />Final Fantasy back to being final fantasy, hopefully.<br /><br />Anime boys doing anime shit.
  • on 1370991569:
    <br />lmao at skeptics.<br /><br />Final Fantasy back to being final fantasy, hopefully.<br /><br />Anime boys doing anime shit.<br />
    <br /><br />Fuck YEAH. Dat Leviathangasm
  • Details from Nomura on the livestream.<br /><br />-They shifted the game to next-gen and made it a mainline title due to the scale/scope.<br />-The game is an action RPG, but there are command system elements in the game.<br />-Noctis is "not cool inside" and not a cool dude, but a quirky dude.<br />-Party members are a core part of Final Fantasy, so there is a party in this game.<br />-Noctis can teleport himself into the sky. Though he's not a gravity wizard, Noctis does not fall at a Newtonian rate for gameplay purposes.<br />-The current generation console versions were canceled about a year ago. They're still working to improve the graphics on the next-gen version.<br />-They are making games in DirectX 11 on PC and then porting them to the PS4 and Xbox One since they can handle that. They can consider any platform that support high end DirectX 11 level hardware functionality and horsepower. (Hey Square, that DX11 PC dev platform you mentioned earlier can run this! Just saying!)
    <br /><br />cheira-me a PC version
  • Isto é informação de entrevistas anteriores, não sabemos ainda se isto se aplica agora, mas espero bem que sim<br /><br />
    On destructible environments<br /><br />When the Behemoth runs through the city it will knock down telephone poles and tress while it chases Noctis. However, the Behemoth won’t attack the bridge seen in the trailer if Noctis doesn’t walk on it.<br /><br />The fight with the Behemoth continues to a collapsing three-tiered highway road. Noctis will have to jump to move forward. Nomura says the route is not fixed. When he played through this area he scurried up an emergency staircase and climbed to the roof. To get to the tip-top point Nomura made Noctis climb up an air conditioner where he could see everything from up high, even hidden treasure chests.
    <br /><br />
    On cutscene/scripted elements in battle<br /><br />Nomura says events will be tied to a new system, which Nomura believes has never been done before.<br /><br />Events will flow naturally in Final Fantasy Versus XIII and not feel like a game as seen in his other titles. Battles in Final Fantasy Versus XIII can change depending on a player’s action.
    <br /><br />
    On exploration/World<br /><br />Final Fantasy Versus XIII has an open world. Players will be able to explore it by using a car, which they can ride at any time. Monsters walk around on the field and sometimes the will pop up if you are just hanging around.<br /><br />While exploring other parts of the world, you’ll come across villages, which are so spacious they astonished Nomura. As mentioned earlier, the field shifts from day to night and monsters react to the changes. Nomura stressed he does not think players will be able to do everything in one play through of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.<br /><br />The field is a natural world map with topography and a time system.. Obstacles can be razed on the field, like a bridge that’s sent flying after a behemoth charges into it. Events are said to be seamless and take place in real-time.<br /><br />These two were discussed shortly after one another (airship after world map) and I'm guessing the FF games were something like FFVIII to FFXII, as since then we've seen that the world map is indeed like XII, so whether airships are still in isn't clear, perhaps it does go into a traditional top down world map when flying the airship.<br />"For displaying characters on the world map, we were originally planning on using the method used by FF#, with a small Noctis running about on the screen. But that didn’t look too great, so we ended up switching to the method used by FF#,"<br /><br />“But, you can fly on the world map with an airship.”
    <br /><br />
    On Battle system<br /><br />You can have up to three characters in a party at a time, but other characters will stick around for event scenes. Dengeki explains you will be able to switch characters in the opening of the game.<br /><br />Final Fantasy Versus XIII will not have a job system for player characters, but enemies may fall into job classifications. The game has summons and vehicles to ride like chocobos and magic armor. You can also switch between characters.<br /><br />Ignis is a tactician armed with throwing knives and support magic. A blonde haired boy can target enemy weak points with firearms and the scar-faced character goes into battle barehanded or with a pile bunker. Changing characters is optional. Players can stick to just using Noctis who wields a variety of weapons if they prefer.<br /><br />The game has swords, axes, spears, handguns, machine, guns, rifles, bazookas, shotguns, and so forth. Players can equip weapons, multiple weapons, by setting them on a menu screen. Weapons can automatically change depending on your combo. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is designed for players to switch between characters in the middle of a fight. As an example, you can smash an enemy with a hammer to destroy part of it and then turn to Noctis who can hit it with a quick slash. The combo count will be retained even if you switch between characters.
  • Estou a curtir mesmo buéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee da cena :)
  • outuber recriou a musica do trailer by ear<br />FF Versus XIII orchestral trailer music<br /><br />A musica deste parece que vai ser godlike tambem, Yoko shimomura sempre fez great music(Kingdom Hearts e partes do Xenoblade, etc)
  • Espero que o tema dos trailers originais (somnus) ainda esteja no jogo!
  • entrevista da famitsu<br />http://www.finalfantasy.net/xv/world-epic/<br /><br />
    Important Stuff:<br /><br />- Hajime Tabata(Type-0) is co-directing<br />- You can still switch player control between party members in battle.<br />- Hashimoto says the "dishonest" days of not having information for "months at a time" are behind them. Expect frequent and regular updates.<br />- They are considering releasing it on PC, and want people to show demand.<br />- They want to use Vita and other devices (tablets, etc.).
  • I'm loving what I'm hearing. Mal cnsgo esperar por mais info disto, e acima de tudo k chovam gameplay vids p/ compensar o tempo todo k o jogo passou no limbo xD
  • Eu nem me importo de um Anime Boys May Cry game, até é algo interessante assim
  • Entrevista a Nomura no japan expo<br />http://finaland.com/?rub=site&page=news&id=4865
  • Final Fantasy XV - Trailer TGS 2013<br /><br />Dat epicness =O<br /><br />*drools*
  • <br />Final Fantasy XV Demo To Be Released in March Next Year<br />The demo will be called Episode Duscae, and will be included with the North American release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.<br />Players who pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD during its North American release in March next year will reportedly receive a voucher which allows them to download the demo for free. It will allegedly be available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.<br />
    Is this real life?!!! SQEX is actually making the game and not trailers?!!<br />hmmm só acredito quando ver lol
  • Pelos vistos vou comprar a ps4 mais cedo do que pensava
  • Oh que treta. Queria ter isto a competir com o Duke Nukem Forever para o maior devtime. Espero que só saia em 2016 para fazer 10 anos desde que foi anunciado!
  • Será que vai ser o jogo que vai me fazer comprar uma ps4?
  • Holy.<br /><br />Fuck.<br /><br />That looks good.<br /><br />FF sense is tingling. Dunno if I want that to be happening.. pode ser FFXIII all over again =S
  • O jogo está lindo... <br /><br />Parece-me um pouco Crisis Core com uma eventual mistura de FF12 para também dar ordens ao resto da party. De qualquer das formas, graficamente, parece ser o primeiro real jogo "next-gen". No dia em que isto sair compro a Ps4
  • Tenho de admitir que até eu fiquei impressionado. Graficamente está um mimo, e o gameplay pareceu-me decente. Agora falta ver a parte mais importante quando sair, storyline.
  • Gosto de estarem a manter a historia toda under-wraps. Está tudo lindo, mal posso esperar.
  • on 1411013043:
    <br />FF sense is tingling. Dunno if I want that to be happening.. pode ser FFXIII all over again =S<br />
    <br /><br />This. Já levei demasiadas chapadas para ainda lhes dar o beneficio da dúvida. Quando sair logo se vê se é um bom jogo.<br /><br />Uma coisa é certa, tem um aspecto excelente, mas de Final Fantasy não tem nada. Podia perfeitamente chamar-se outra coisa que ninguém sequer ponderava que isto é um FF. O que até é bom, ajuda a separar um bocado as realidades. FF para mim é parte da infância e hoje em dia resume-se a re-jogar de vez em quando os "verdadeiros" e ir a Londres só para ver o concerto do Distant Worlds :D Para mim este jogo é tanto FF como os Guns n' Roses ainda existirem.
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